Seven appoints daytime programmer

Seven has appointed a new Programmer for its daytime schedules, in Roosje Scott.

Scott, who joined the network in 2001, has previously been Program Services Manager and has overseen 7HD schedules.

The daytime war, which is fiercely prized by TEN, has seen the addition of The View and Ellen on Nine as a way of building a consistent demographic. Susie has also been dropped from WIN Television in Adelaide and Perth daytime schedules.

Seven’s current daytime schedule from 6am to 6pm includes Sunrise, The Morning Show, movies, plus repeats of Desperate Housewives, Moonlighting, some kids’ TV, News, Deal or No Deal -and even MASH. Can we look forward to the end of the 1980’s comedy? Sure it’s a classic show, but it’s nearly 2009.

A little sprucing up would be good for competition.

Press Release:
Channel Seven today announced the appointment of Roosje Scott to the position of Daytime Programmer. Roosje takes over the management of Seven’s daytime on-air schedule after successfully managing Seven’s Programming Services and Seven HD schedules.

Channel Seven values its strong daytime schedule, said Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner;

“Roosje will further develop our focus on daytime as we look towards 2009. A strong daytime line-up plays an important role in the success of our entire schedule and we look forward to building our daytime audience share in the coming year.”

Roosje has been a strong contributor to Seven’s programming department since she joined the team in 2001 and in 2004, was appointed to the role of Program Services Manager.

“Roosje was the perfect choice for this new role. Roosje is another example of a Seven person developing within the company and being rewarded for their valuable work,” Mr Worner said.


  1. Currently they have replaced All Saints with Brothers and Sisters and get this while Packed to the Rafters is off the air they now have Greys Anatomy.No offence to fans of the latter but lt is the start of the working week and for those of us who work in a hospital or the medical profession how many of us actually want to watch what we do on Tuesday Nights.It is too heavy compared to a feel good family friendly drama.

  2. I would rather Seven Show a 1990 to 1999 or 2000 to 2009 sitcom of some sort at 5pm weekdays.
    Even How I met your Mother would be a huge improvement.Anyone got any better ideas please send them to your local Channel 7 Studio in your home state/city.

  3. Linda McKenzie.

    Hi. It’s just passed 5.00pm and dismay and the feeling of being robbed has overtaken my thoughts to the point that tears have entered the fray. During the week, my thoughts have used 5.00pm as a light at the end of each torturous day, as I am housebound due to severe depression, anxiety and the physical impairments from a workcover accident. I literally hang on to this time each day, as evening brings respite and with it, tv shows that are of a quality high enough to distract me from my worries and lift my spirits with laughter. So, imagine the sadness and sense of loss I felt when tonight, the brilliant, funny and heartwarming M.A.S.H didn’t appear before me to take me away from the mostly miserable existance that is my lot in life, hopefully not for the rest of it. This unique and classic show has been ripped from our screens without care or consultation, leaving a void that certainly cannot be filled, especially by Another cooking show. Aren’t there enough of these already? Earlier today, I was dealt the first blow, by finding out chanel 9 has replaced Two and A Half Men with the masochistic show ridiculously named Funniest Home Videos. It still escapes me how humanity can find humour in small children falling over and people hurting themselves. I consoled myself with the fact that I have several seasons on dvd to fullfill my need to laugh and forget. Then, I had to suffer a bigger blow by losing M.A.S.H, chanel 7 being my only source of this wonderfully funny show, along with my 5.00pm relief time. Why? Bring back M.A.S.H. in the same timeslot.

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