Spicks & Specks & Stale?

Adam Hills flags change for the ABC's most popular show, ahead of its fifth year on air.

Adam Hills says Spicks and Specks has become “ridiculously comfortable” and wants to make sure it stays fresh heading into its fifth year.

“I would imagine we’ll try and change it up a little bit for next year,” Hills told AAP.

“The main thing is just fighting getting stale, which I don’t think any of us have yet.

“We’ve got to constantly keep ourselves interested because if we start getting bored then the audience will start getting bored.”

Hills said both Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough will stay with the show.

“We’re certainly not bored with it and we’re certainly loving it,” he said. “I think if one of us went, all of us would have to go, because there is such a lovely chemistry between the three of us.”

The annual A Very Specky Christmas is recorded next week before the team take their live show, The Spicks and Speck-tacular on the road.

So what do you think, should be spruced up or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

Source: The West / AAP

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  1. I’ve only watched a few eps this year as I want to watch a quiz show with a few amusing anecdotes thrown in, not a chat show that has a few quiz questions which is what it seemed to turn into this year. S&S gang combined with the amount of quizzing on RocKwiz = heaven.

  2. Hour long, more games, more theme nights, less show offy comedians and more guests like Schwartz (composer of Wicked, Godspell etc.), Lorna Luft (Judy Garlands other daughter) or Nell Campbell, people with stories to tell not just punchlines to set up. I find that the best part about the show, sure it’s funny, but if they are charismatic enough guests it’ll come naturally.
    but yeah, and more Myf!!!

  3. I think the show is Great. The whole family enjoys it. I don’t have much time for the singing using books for lyrics and even less for the singing over the top of each other from opposite corners but the rest of games are pretty good – My favourite would probably be the disguised Album Covers.

    All credit to them for being proactive. As long as the have an interesting and amusing team of guest panelists – preferably with a comedian or two, each week – they will do ok.

  4. I’ve barely watched it this year, I think it’s because it has become slightly repetitive and the guests are either too interested in telling stories than playing the game, or they bring absolutely no entertainment value and just sit there.

    Perhaps choosing panel members more carefully and adding new rounds to mix it up would be better?

  5. Whilst I agree that Hamish has been overexposed on the show, I really do like it when they have their favourites (the S&S family) on the panel every so often, like Denise Scott who I think are irreplaceable!

  6. Spicks and Specks for me is just fine the way it is. But I can see how they are concerned about it getting stale in the years to come. But it’s still one of the funniest Aussie shows on TV at the moment so they’re obviously doing something right.

  7. S&S is doing well. As long as Adam, Myf and Alan stay with the show and by having a similar format, it shouldn’t lose viewers. Tougher competition will though and I think Nine will return Underbelly to Wednesdays next year.

  8. I sadly haven’t watched the show much this year, simply fo rthe fact it was getting stale.

    Too many of the same comedians appearing on the same type of show – (Good News Week especially). Too much Hamish Blake – I don’t find the man funny.

    So some fresh new panel members, but keep the music cred up there with some more industry people.

  9. It is a little predictable and the quality of the show relies on the quality of the guests. I’ve been tempted to switch to The Mentalist, but I’ve stuck with it because it’s usually such a good laugh. A revamp wouldn’t hurt and maybe give Mr Overexposure, Hamish, a rest.

  10. I watch just about every week as it is so I wouldn’t change too much if I were them. The fact they have new people on the show each week means you can never predict what will happen. I assume the ratings are still OK (otherwise it’d get the chop) so why mess with what clearly works for the audience?

  11. I was feeling a little bored with the show this year. Adam encouraged a lot more anecdotes from the guests, at times threatening to have them take up half the episode, which in my opinion didn’t work as well as I think he was hoping.

    But he’s right in that it needs mixing up a little, so a few new kinds of games to play would be a good move.

  12. Unfortunately it is no longer to my taste (something about watching it being recorded two years ago) made me change my mind. But it seems very sucessful in terms of ratings so as long as they keep the chemistry and book Hamish Blake regularly enough it should be okay for another year or two. Then they can rest it for five years and sell it Channel Ten as a production company and make heaps of money. 😉

  13. Mmm it’s tricky as it’s a successful formula so you don’t want to mess with it too much. I think just some subtle changes like new games etc to keep it fresh would be enough. For one I’d get rid of substitute completely ,it’s way past it’s use by date and was never that entertaining to begin with.

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