1. Why o why did Nine axe Sunday???

    They could have at least trimmed it down to an hour and just kept the cover story, political interview and film review and they would have built a great brand for the network and a powerful show that could influence so much.

    They should have got Jana back on and moved it back to 9 and it would have rated – for goodness sake it used to do Weekend Sunrise figures at 9 when Jana was on it.

    They just screwed up a great show – was it Eddie mainly who did it with the leaks?

  2. Just heard John Stanley on 2UE bagging the unfunny “jokes” that the presenters told. Stanley said the writers of the “jokes” were The Chaser’s Julian Morrow and 2UE’s Mike Carlton.

  3. Well done to Sunday, SBS and to the ABC for all their awards. 60 Minutes should win too but their stories were not strong enough to win. Maybe next year. Sunday should also return but too many people watch channel 7 so there is no point.

  4. Congratulations to all the winners.
    Can I add that News Limited chairman and CEO John Hartigan won the 2008 Walkley Award for Journalistic Leadership. According to the Herald Sun, Hartigan led the formation in 2007 of the media coalition Australia’s Right to Know, which is campaigning for free speech reform and more open government. He also delivered the 2007 Andrew Olle Lecture in which he argued the importance of quality journalism had never been greater.

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