TEN moves Bold & Beautiful to primetime

TEN is still tweaking its summer line-up, moving The Bold & The Beautiful to 6pm, dumping Will & Grace and adding The Ex-List.

Here’s a bold (but how beautiful?) programming move by TEN. The network has just announced some significant changes to its summer scheduling.

Afternoon US soap The Bold and The Beautiful is officially moving to primetime, winning a new 6pm timeslot from Monday December 1st. It will be replaced by Judge Judy at 4:30pm.

TEN has also bitten the bullet on its under-performing Will and Grace episodes, axed for the return of Friends at 7pm. It returns with S6E12 “The One With The Joke.”

The timeslot has been a crazy game of musical chairs recently, including Bondi Rescue, Taken Out, Friends, Will and Grace and back to Friends. Is it any wonder viewers have given up?

Dumping the sitcom at 7pm will also see a planned extra summer episode at 7:30pm Mondays replaced with another Friends.

TEN has also announced the premiere of already-axed The Ex-List for summer. The drama follows a woman (Elizabeth Reaser) who learns from a psychic that she has already been romantically involved with the man of her dreams. If she doesn’t reunite with him in a year, she’ll never marry her true love. Only 4 episodes aired in the US.

It premieres at 9:30pm Monday December 1st.

Replacing Judge Judy at 3:00pm weekdays will be repeats of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Amended summer schedule:

Sun Nov 30
6:30pm America’s Next Top Model S8
7:30pm 90210
8:30pm Movie: School of Rock
10:40pm The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
11:10pm The Office

Mon Dec 1
6:00 The Bold & The Beautiful
6:30 Neighbours
7:00pm Friends
8:00pm Rules of Engagement rpt
8:30pm Army Wives
9:30pm The Ex-List
10:30pm Out Of The Blue

Tue Dec 2
6:00 The Bold & The Beautiful
6:30 Neighbours
7:00pm Friends
7:30pm Special: Britney: For The Record
8:30pm NCIS rpt
9:30pm NCIS rpt
10:30pm Out Of The Blue

Wed Dec 3
6:00 The Bold & The Beautiful
6:30 Neighbours
7:00pm Friends
7:30pm Don’t Forget The Lyrics
8:30pm House rpt
9:30pm Rush rpt
10:30pm Out Of The Blue

Thu Dec 4
6:00 The Bold & The Beautiful
6:30 Neighbours
7:00pm Friends
7:30pm How to Look Good Naked
8:30pm Law and Order: CI rpt
9:30 Law and Order: SVU rpt
10:30pm Out Of The Blue

Fri Dec 5
6:00 The Bold & The Beautiful
6:30 Neighbours
7:00pm Friends
7:30pm The Simpsons
8:30pm Numb3rs rpt
9:30pm Law & Order rpt
10:30pm Orange Roughies

Sat 6 Dec
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm Big Cat Diary
7:30pm Movie: Back To The Future
9:50pm The Wedge
10:20pm Orange Roughies
11:20pm Movie: TBA

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  1. With Oprah’s show coming to an end anytime now maybe they should consider moving Bold and the Beautiful back to 1pm Judge Judy at 1:30pm Ready steady Cook to 2pm to 3pm and a hour of comedies through to 4pm and ditch Huey in the process and bring back C rated television programming like what they had in the eighties and the first half of the nineties that are kid friendly and educational.Sorry 10 but a soap that is so slow that the new 90210/OC/Outrageous Fortune generation can’t even relate to is wrong after school.

  2. The Obvious Solution is for Channel 10 to put B&B back to 1pm.

    Speaking of 7pm offerings They Now have the 7pm Project so the odds of any now defunct us sitcom comedy back are none.

  3. what a joke!! seriously who wants to come home from a long day of work and watch bold and the beautiful, seriously what are ten thinking.

    The kids and even parents enjoy watchin the simpsons while havin dinner.

    ill rather watch the news on a different channel than watched this so called “prime time tv with bold and the beautiful”.

  4. A terrible thing.A proven American comedy at 6pm for Channel 10 need not be a Cartoon.What about bringing back some of those shows that we have not seen in years as a lead in show to Neighbours that most of us grew up on.Even a Cooking Show of the Jamie Oliver kind would be a better choice.Let the old folk and housewives have their B&B but at either 1pm or 4:30pm

  5. I’m glad the Simpsons is gone but Bold and the Beautiful at 6 pm is just not right. It’s a daytime soap, so they should keep it there. Also, I hate all the editing they do on that show. Makes it not worth watching sometimes.

  6. Being that B&B is always nominated for Daytime Emmys, it’s so odd to see it in a ‘prime-time’ lineup.

    I think it’ll be a bad move. The loyal 4:30pm B&B audience won’t be impressed, and I don’t think people watching 6pm prime-time are looking for a soapie. Not that Neighbours isn’t a soapie, but American soaps and Aussie ones aren’t nearly the same. I hope that if it all goes wrong, they move everything back to how it was ASAP or else B&B will have lost a large chunk of audience.

    And I hope I’m wrong, because I kinda have a soft spot for B&B and hope it does well.

  7. TEN has lost the plot for summer
    B & B needs to followed with a 6,30 news show when Neighbours finishes
    at least its new
    As for friends again,good show but not 3rd time repeats
    Come on Ten show some balls and put on the office or something new
    What have u got to loose.

  8. Never thought I’d see the day where the bold and the beautiful was the launching 6 pm show (official start of Primtime?) in Tens prime time lineup. We got Seven, giving seven a huge boost, 9 news on 9 , had simpsons, and now this lol.

  9. Yes Now i wont miss Bold and the beautiful bout damn time they put it on when we will be home to watch it and yes Friends during the summer when home and away is off air thank you ten you have made my day i love this line up keep the good work up

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