TEN years of Huey

Ten years on television is an achievement in any genre. But a cooking show? You gotta hand it to the man in the braces.

Next week his long-running Huey’s Cooking Adventures show celebrates ten years on Network TEN.

Iain Hewitson  is also remembered for Healthy, Wealthy and Wise and its offshoot A Cook’s Journey.

To mark the occasion TEN will screen two weeks of “best of” episodes.

Monday 17th: Camperdown, Vic.
Tuesday: Yarra Valley
Wednesday: New Zealand
Thursday: Barney Allens, St Kilda (Hewitson’s Diner)
Friday: Bangkok

Monday 24th: Singapore
Tuesday: Collingwood Children’s Farm
Wednesday: Mauritius
Thursday: Bali
Friday: Xmas Special

Huey’s Cooking Adventures airs 3:30pm weekdays on TEN.


  1. Good on you Huey for lasting 10 years.

    Huey was recently in my town as a special guest at a home lifestyle exhibition and he is lovely.

    He also filmed one of his shows while he was here.


    Still don’t understand why TEN would whack on some repeats in his honour though.

  2. please tell me this was not in the Ten publicity blurb..

    “To mark the occasion TEN will screen two weeks of “best of” episodes”

    So ,Ten applaud his talent then run repeats.. Silly move.

    Why not get other chefs or invite the public to come one and cook a favorite dish of his and explain wh they love his honest approach to cooking…

    Encore performances or “best of” equals same thing… Repeat…

  3. Huey, proof positive that anyone however utterly useless at anything, let alone cooking (except trashing someone else’s restaurant), can get a show on commercial TV in Australia – roll on webcasting.

  4. “Gee would TEN ever consider a primetime cooking show? Not in a million years….”

    Hah, but his specials weren’t corny competitions but just cooking with friends effectively. Didn’t do too badly IIRC either.

  5. And it’s virtually impossible to contact SC10 by email to complain. I suppose they are trying to create revenue which doesn’t augur well for the eventual re-transmission of 10HD, whatever that might be in 6 months time.

  6. I like Huey’s cooking show. But, to access recipes, you have to join his website and pay to use it. I mean, paid membership. Which is unfair, and the membership is not a life membership. You have to renew it every 6-months. Other cooking shows, their websites are free. You can download their recipes for free.

  7. Isn’t it funny that Huey is about to celebrate 10 years of HCA while Southern Cross 10 has pulled it in favour of more bloody infomercials.

    It’s an institution in my household, even if we tend to take the mickey out of him!

  8. SC10 don’t seem to be celebrating Huey though. This week they changed his show to one of those inane “paid presentations”.

    Which is especially odd as he has been doing the shows in regional Victoria.

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