The Claremont Murders

An episode of Crime Investigation Australia which triggered media debate in Western Australia recently, is set to air on Channel Nine this month.

The Claremont Murders begins with the disappearance of 18-year-old secretary Sarah Spiers from a nightclub in the up-market Perth suburb of Claremont on Australia Day, 1996. Two women’s bodies were discovered in bushland and a third has never been found. So far, no arrests have been made.

CCTV footage shows murder victim Jane Rimmer being approached by a man outside the Continental Hotel in Claremont on the night she was killed in 1996. The footage was withheld for 12 years before being released to the public last month. It was only released by police just prior to its screening on the Crime & Investigation show.

The episode also includes re-enactment, interviews with family, friends, witnesses and the officer in charge of the current investigation.

The episode will air on Nine at 8:30pm Thursday November 27th.


  1. The Morcombe case was recently solved in QLD. After 8 years the police handed the case over to the Coroner. It seems theey were not afraid of the quality of the investigation being scrutinized and information obtained at the inquiry resulted in the arrest and discovery of the body. Why is it that the WA police have kept this stalled investigation away from the coroner. Do they have something to hide?

  2. It bothers me that not every nightclub in Australia has CCTV cameras which are clear!!!!! and not in black and white it should be compulsory for any pub or club to have this! if the government just put money into making this happen it would actually save the tax payers alot of money in investigations like this. To think of it how much would it of cost to keep this investigation going for 12 years instead of a few hundred even thousand for cameras!!!!!!!

    Not just for murder cases but pub fight? Stabbings? I know myself as a female i would feel alot safer if i knew everyone entering the pub i was in, was being recorded!

  3. The police need to give out more information to the public, I totally understand why they withold information of a crime for e.g how they were murdered etc. But I just know that if they gave the public a little more – not all – that the public would work out who the murderer is. It has been 12 years for goodness sake, I know the crime squad are doing all they can but I feel for certain this could be solved with the help of the public if we worked together. More information on the girls also – it may take one tiny piece of information to solve this, there are people in the public who may have strong inclings of who this person might be and one little piece of information may solve the puzzle. Come on ……………

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