Tina gives it up for RocKwiz

Heads up for a great duet between Tina Arena and Tea Party's Jeff Martin on RocKwiz.

Fans of Tina Arena shouldn’t miss this Saturday’s edition of RocKwiz, especially for the closing duet with former Tea Party muso Jeff Martin.

The two sing a fantastic version of ‘Don’t Give Up’, the Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush hit song.

Of course, that’s a bit of a spoiler for die-hard fans of the show, who love to work out the identity of the guests in the “Who Can It Be Now” introduction from host Julia Zemiro.

That’s become so popular it now dogs the producers and SBS whose hands are tied when they want to talk up an impressive line-up.

No surprises here, they gave TV Tonight the go ahead to spoil, rather than have viewers miss out on a great duet.

Consider yourself spoiled.

RocKwiz airs 9:20pm on Saturday.

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  1. @ Mac: Just go to the RockWiz website: http://www.sbs.com.au/rockwiz/

    The whole show will be up along with each performance plus the duet separately (along with most of the past ones), however use caution as they have who is going to be on next weeks show on there as well as they do by this time every week (if you wish not to be spoiled that is).

    Also @ Glen: Jeff Martin is a Canadian born in Windsor, Ontario, not an Aussie.

  2. I too find it hard to believe that people in Australia have not heard of Jeff Martin. They must exclusively listen to Austereo stations. All I can say is watch tonight and “welcome to the light”. Run out and buy some Tea Party CDs and order his new band’s album from thearmada.com

    Jeff was very generous to us at the Byron Bay gig. He gave us a preview on how he remembered the duet going. I nice little surprise for us. The rest of the gig was awsome too.

    I’ll be setting the DVR for sure to make sure I keep this one.

  3. Derrick: Who the hell is Jeff Martin?!?!?! *Mac hyperventilates* He’s the former frontman of Canadian band The Tea Party who had a very strong following over here. Jeff has strong Aussie ties having been married to a Fremantle girl for many years and is a regular on the live music scene over here.

    Tina Arena : Overrated ‘play it safe” muppet. Nice enough girl but completely overrated.

    Either way. I’ll be watching with great interest coz RocKwiz is a unique beast which always results in finales of great note (for better or for worse).

  4. Who the hell is Jeff Martin anyway? Standing close to a true and talented international star as Tina, I’m sure he’ll definitely have a good time!

    Not only that, Tina has The Voice! Period!

  5. I loathe Tina but love Jeff. He’s so good, he’ll make Tina bareable.

    Next week, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush duet on a cover of The Tea Party’s ‘Heaven Coming Down’.

    Hell, I can dream…

  6. Most die-hard fans of RockWiz would know who is going to guest, as they put it up on there website every week anyway, plus they often tell you in there news letter via e-mail if it’s a good one.

    Like Neon Kitten said it is less about the Quiz and more about the fun anyway.

  7. The “Who Can It Be Now” clues are so blatant most of the time anyway – I’m not sure what section of the TV audience for the show got upset about PR revealing the guests ahead of time, but I’m guessing they might have been from the slower section of the demographic 🙂

    RocKwiz is not really about the quiz anyway. Ironic, but very true.

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