Two and a Half Men takes a hit

Two and a Half Men slipped to a “new low” last night of 807,000 viewers last night, a long way behind last week when it had 1.005m in the same timeslot a week ago.

It was thrashed by Packed to the Rafters on 2.06m viewers. NCIS had 1.23m up from last week’s 1.19m.

No doubt Seven’s Melbourne Cup helped drive audiences to Seven’s shows, although both The Zoo and Find My Family dipped slightly from last week.

Many have argued that Nine’s wall to wall programming of Two and a Half Men will eventually backfire, just as constant screenings of Gordon Ramsay have done. Interestingly, both shows either side of the sitcom, The Chopping Block and 20 to 1 went up for Nine.

It remains to be seen whether Tuesday night is the turning of the tide. Wednesday nights have been the show’s biggest audience.

Week 45


  1. And Now that are slowly recycling the episodes all over again.

    Sooner or later people are going to get fed up.

    I would sooner buy a box set of Hi 5 on DVD and start watching them even though I don’t have a wife or small children than suffer another day of those 2.5 men

  2. thank god; i hope it goes soon :S its a disgusting show full of toilet humor and sex talk. nothing smart about the writing; charlie sheen’s a complete moron and that kid can’t act. why it’s still on and people still like it remains a mystery to me.

  3. The “hit” will get bigger and bigger and before you know it, it’ll be gone. I can’t believe this is “Australia’s #1 comedy”. People must be pretty desperate if they’re watching this crap. I’d prefer to look at a blank screen.

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