Week 47

You better smile. It’s Nine.
Week 47 Top 100
Pay TV Top 100
ASTRA Week 47


1. Seven News Seven 1.323
2. Nine News Nine 1.304
3. Rugby League World Cup Final Nine 1.240
4. ABC News ABC 1.053
5. Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Nine 0.995m
6. Mountain With Griff Rhys Jones ABC 0.972m
7. ABC News UpDate ABC 0.923m
8. First Test – Australia V New Zealand Nine 0.877m
9. The Bill ABC 0.848m
10. Chicken Little Seven 0.833m
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Seven 0.676m
Thunderbirds TEN 0.571m
Gladiator TEN 0.564m
Rockwiz SBS 0.225m

Nine: 32.2
ABC: 21.4
Seven : 21.0
TEN: 17.6
SBS: 7.8


1. Seven News Seven 1.331
2. Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.309
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.270
4. Nine News Nine 1.188
5. Home And Away Seven 1.158
6. M: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Nine 1.075
7. A Current Affair Nine 1.050
8. Two And A Half Men Nine 1.037
9. ABC News ABC 0.998m
10. The Stepfather ABC 0.869m
First Test:Australia V New Zealand Nine 0.522m
Nine : 30.9
Seven: 28.6
ABC: 16.9
TEN : 16.5
SBS: 7.1


1. Seven News Seven 1.476
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.378
3. Home and Away Seven 1.293
4. This Is Your Life Nine 1.265
5. RPA Nine 1.243
6. A Current Affair Nine 1.198
7. Nine News Nine 1.168
8. Make Me A Supermodel Seven 1.158
9. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.145
10. Getaway Nine 1.060
11. Law and Order: Criminal Intent Ten 1.036
12. ABC News ABC 0.989m
13. Bones Seven 0.982m
14. The Amazing Race Seven 0.970m
15. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.962m
16. Law And Order: SVU TEN 0.853m
17. Adam Hills Live ABC 0.830m
18. TEN News At Five TEN 0.810m
19. Catalyst ABC 0.802m
20. Oprah Presents: Australia TEN 0.763m
Deal or No Deal 0.719m
The Strip 0.532m
First Cricket Test 0.458m
Out of the Blue 0.321m

Nine: 29.7
Seven: 29.4
TEN: 19.6
ABC: 15.6
SBS: 5.7


1. Seven News Seven 1.497
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.276
3. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.222
4. Home and Away Seven 1.207
5. Nine News Nine 1.202
6. Criminal Minds Seven 1.200
7. Two and a Half Men – 7:30pm Nine 1.184
8. Hamish and Andy Re-Gifted TEN 1.136
9. A Current Affair Nine 1.131
10. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.130
11. Air Crash Investigations Seven 1.062
12. ABC News ABC 1.060
13. The Big Bang Theory Nine 0.983
14. The Mentalist Nine 0.957
15. CSI: NY Nine 0.882
The New Inventors 0.831m
House 0.830m
Neighbours 0.809m
Stupid Stupid Man 0.791m
Deal or No Deal 0.785m
Life 0.762m
The Unit 0.661m
Will and Grace 0.563m
Out of the Blue 0.367m
Newstopia 0.139m

Seven: 28.5
Nine: 26.4
TEN: 21.6
ABC: 18.8
SBS: 4.7


1. Packed to the Rafters Seven 2.013
2. Find My Family Seven 1.878
3. The Zoo Seven 1.707
4. Seven News Seven 1.515
5. All Saints Seven 1.404
6. Today Tonight Seven 1.356
7. NCIS TEN 1.317
8. Home and Away Seven 1.297
9. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.280
10. Nine News Nine 1.173
11. A Current Affair Nine 1.155
12. ABC News ABC 1.136
13. Two and a Half Men – 8:30pm Nine 0.956
14. The Chopping Block Nine 0.953
15. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.931
The Simpsons – 8:00pm 0.906m
Rush 0.898m
Neighbours 0.848m
20 to 1 0.817m
Deal or No Deal 0.806m
The Simpsons – 7:30pm 0.804m
Survivor 0.508m

Seven: 37.2
Nine: 23.7
TEN: 21.3
ABC: 14.8
SBS: 3.0


1. Seven News Seven 1.649
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.482
3. Home and Away Seven 1.350
4. Domestic Blitz Nine 1.324
5. Nine News Nine 1.240
6. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.234
7. A Current Affair Nine 1.227
8. The Howard Years ABC 1.189
9. City Homicide Seven 1.189
10. ABC News ABC 1.157
11. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 1.121
12. Australian Idol TEN 1.079
13. The 7:30 Report ABC 1.027
14. The Rich List Seven 1.016
15. Enough Rope with Andrew Denton ABC 1.014
Good News Week 1.002m
Bones 0.954m
Deal or No Deal 0.820m
Cold Case 0.755m
Supernatural 0.676m
Top Gear Australia 0.662m
Will and Grace 0.608m
Antiques Roadshow 0.484m
Out of the Question 0.444m
Swift and Shift Couriers 0.383m
Out of the Blue 0.372m

Seven: 27.3
Nine: 25.8
ABC: 20.3
TEN: 19.5
SBS: 7.1


1. 60 Minutes Nine 1.539
2. 20 to 1 Nine 1.422
3. Seven News Seven 1.361
4. Australian Idol TEN 1.241
5. Nine News Nine 1.154
6. Rove TEN 1.135
7. Kath and Kim Seven 1.005
8. The Outdoor Room Seven 0.963m
9. ABC News ABC 0.943m
10. A Room With A View ABC 0.871m
11. Where Are They Now Seven 0.858m
12. Movie: Legally Blonde Seven 0.839m
13. Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice ABC 0.837m
14. Thank God You’re Here TEN 0.745m
15. TEN News TEN 0.738m
16. NCIS TEN 0.702m
17. ABC News Update ABC 0.699m
18. CSI: Miami Nine 0.685m
19. Rugby League World Cup SF2 Nine 0.662m
20. Sports Tonight TEN 0.618m

Nine: 30.6
TEN: 23.7
Seven: 23.2
ABC: 16.4
SBS: 6.0


  1. David, I don’t think those are the ratings for Saturday, those are last weeks. Nine won this week and won Saturday…


    TEN: 17.6%
    NINE: 32.2%
    SEVEN: 21.0%
    ABC: 21.4%
    SBS: 7.8%


    TEN: 20.1%
    NINE: 28.4%
    SEVEN: 28.0%
    ABC: 17.7%
    SBS: 5.9%

  2. hey david you should send your graph to ten and show them how many people watch ten hd over 7 and 9 hd the way it is and how we all dont want it to change.

  3. I agree. I was expecting a bigger number due to all the hype surrounding that movie and the cast with Nicole having a baby and Hugh being named the sexiest man alive.

  4. Hamish and Andy was hilarious. Glad to see they got more than 1 million. I think their own show rates better than the ones they’ve been in (Neighbours, Rove).
    Maybe TEN might make something out of H&A.

  5. ithought oprah did ok in ratings, considering it has been shown everywhere parts of that interview and fith grader didnt do much better when it was in the week b4

  6. “Craig, Heroes got 500k last night while the strip got 532k.”
    Thanks, so Heroes can’t even beat The Strip, not a good sign. I wonder if the final Strip ep being a 2 parter will help ratings?

    “Oprah’s show was a complete failure.. I guess nobody wants to see Australia!”
    Well viewers here have seen Australia so not as big a deal, specially considering the number of times it was on the news talking the best parts.

    I still want to see it but our power was out and I can’t find it online.

  7. Thursday is such a reversal of the other days. 7 wins 25-54, 16-39,and 18-49 while 9 wins 35-64 and total people (just)

    amazing race, supermodel, and bones do really well in the demos for 7 being top 3 shows in 16-39, bones being top show for 25-54

    i thought oprah would have done a bit better especially in that timeslot.

  8. Looks like Oprah didn’t do a lot for the 7:30 ratings.

    BTW – will this we re-run as we were one of the 1000s without power last night in SE QLD.

    How did Heroes and The Strip do David?

  9. knoxoverstreet

    It wasn’t so much a repeat more a best of..so if you missed a few eps you might catch something you haven’t seen before. They’ve done it at least once before but last time i caught it early and managed to switch over and tape CM!

  10. i don’t think TM will be on SUndays nxt year. first of all thats CSI’s place which isn’t doing too well on a weekday. and if predictions are correct that would put it against desperate housewives. that would take some of the women that watch it for simon baker. and there are a lot that i know.
    it would probably still pull Wed 8:30 numbers, not to mention te loss because of no fasttrack
    the best place for this would be a low competitive 8:30 eg. monday or thurs (tues with PTTR, wed will probs have the same issues nxt year). this show obviously has the same issue as 2.5 men: it will only rate in lack of competition

    @tepee: by “mucked up” i mean not planning ahead, chopping, changing and skipping, cutting it for the last ratings week, (therefore losing fasttrack prematurely) putting it into a very competitive timeslot against established shows of similar genre, all things that u shouldn’t do to a show that is trying to build an audience. surely they could have seen the RLWC and election coming.

    and people did watch, only they stopped when 9 “mucked” with it. i’m sure a lot of people are like me: between CM, house, S&S and TM it is watch one tape one, of which TM is not included. although i would like to see it, (watched first 2 eps and quite liked it) i can’t

  11. knoxoverstreet

    I’m hoping they do as I’m missing out on it in such a tough timeslot as House & S&S are must see tv. Sunday night is perfect as Seven & 2 usually have nothing worth watching.

  12. The Mentalist was fantastic last night, sad it was beaten by CM and I really liked the Chritina character. Hopefully Nine will move it back to Sunday next year.

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