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Eddie McGuire is being touted as the answer to Nine’s woes at 5:30pm, as a potential host of it’s plans for a magazine-style show. That would put him against Andrew O’Keefe in Deal or No Deal -two men both king of spin and smooth talking.

Filming of McGuire’s pilot began last week and featured the Today show’s Karl Stefanovic and Leila McKinnon as co-hosts, but there is no guarantee they will front the final version.

Certainly adding Eddie would nab a new show some attention, but there could be problems in the Sydney market. Do we really want Eddie 5 nights a week in a late arvo spot? And if so, it’s a tad ironic he wouldn’t be doing what he does best, a game show. But Nine is believed to have been happy with this one week hosting of A Current Affair this year.

On the weekend newspapers also wrote of a “secret project” for McGuire. TV Tonight already hinted at another format believed to have been readied for McGuire, but which was shelved after it suddenly collapsed in the US.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. Ofcourse lead in means something when it is cricket rating 2mill. But this 5.30 show will not rate that high. The fact that the cricket rated higher than Deal or No Deal last night, yet 9 news failed to beat 7 news further proves there is either ongoing problems with the news service itself, or people just prefer 7 news over 9 news.

  2. This format is not good for Eddie. He is at his best when he is interacting which other people.

    Simple solution – sack James Brayshaw and Gary Lyon from AFL Footy Show and put Eddie back where he belongs.

  3. I think Eddie would make a great 5:30 fix. He’s way better than andrew o keefe. Andrew is just another Larry Edmur – they’re interesting at first, then they just get boring! Eddie is a great host and should be brought back to channel nine! Where is he these days? As for Karl, he is just plain weird. THat’s why I hate morning TV, on channel nine is karl, while on channel seven is kochie! Two tools! Only good morning person is Lisa Wilkons. Here’s an idea for NINE, why don’t they put Bert Newton with Kerry Anne? It could be morning with Kerry Anne and Bert Newton!

  4. Further evidence for the significance of lead-ins: Nine News goes much better in Sydney on Sundays during the NRL season because of the lead-in from the Sunday afternoon footy match. (Which is why they insist on playing it on a 2-3 hour delay rather than live, to ensure that it finishes right at 6pm.)

  5. You’re totally right Selma – people should just look back to the many Sundays that Nine News has rated around 1.7 million in the middle of this year – it was because of a higher rating lead in show.

    This fact will further be proven on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when Nine News will presumably win due to the cricket.

  6. Lowie, this has much been debated as to the importance of the 5:30 to the news. it can’t hurt but for years 7 has won the 5:30 mainly through wheel of fortune and Deal’s early days. but never won the news. there were even some days where the news scored less than the lead-in. but they were times where it was unacceptable to watch 7 news. in the current climate people are happy to watch anything anyday. so the lead in has more significance

  7. DOND outrates Extra, providing a good boost to 7 News QLD.

    The news lead in is without a doubt a crucial factor.

    The best example is when 9 has the Cricket leading in to the news, resulting in 9 News winning along the East Coast.

    Does 9’s news suddenly become a better service when the Cricket is on? No, of course not. The answer is simple – an increased 5:30 lead in helps the 6pm news.

    Most recently, this was talked about in length in the Gerald Stone book “Who Killed Channel 9”.

  8. I don’t think the lead in will make much difference. Doesn’t that ‘Extra’ show in QLD regularly outrate Deal or no Deal? Yet 7 News won all 40 ratings weeks in that market.

  9. Go Eddie. Time for this man to enter the fray again. Hes been given so much cr*p over the years, particularly in sydney, but when it comes down to it, he is all round a very good presenter. My hopes would be for him to get a gig both at 5.30 as well as the host of the AFL footy show again. Those two jobs, with the collingwood presidency, should keep him busy enough.

  10. o i hope not.

    i thought they were auditioning hosts. i applauded 9 for that decision, we need some fresh faces.
    the fact that 9 don’t have a home and away or neighbors means they barely audition anyone and have no input to the personality pool. and eddie . . . why?

  11. Peter Ford said on 2UE this morning that if the show goes ahead that Eddie would be the host of a Melbourne only program. Leila McKinnon would host the Sydney version.

  12. DOND has without a doubt given 7 news a huge boost in the ratings.

    The news lead in is crucial – you only have to look at what the Cricket does for 9’s news.

    I would have tried Temptation in the 5:30 slot – but I guess in this cost cutting climate it’s not an economically viable option.

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