A Bold start

TEN’s first primetime screening of The Bold and the Beautiful picked up a little traction, with 592,000 viewers on Monday.

That improved slightly on The Simpsons‘ average of 581,000 last week and quite some ground on Bold‘s average of 466,000 at 4:30pm last week.

Of course, there may well have been a curiosity factor from people wanting to know what all the fuss was about, especially those who are never home at 4:30pm.

TEN’s evening share, however, sank even further. Down to just 16.0%. Dismally, its 5pm News was the top rating show of the day at 909,000 -beaten by Top Gear on 915,000. Oh dear. Meanwhile angry fans of 90210 (many of whom didn’t even know it was back last Monday) lament its absence.

ABC had a strong night with The Howard Years, Enough Rope, ABC News all of which won their timeslots and an impressive 22.3% share.

SBS boosted to 9.2%

Week 49


  1. I know this has nothing to do with the Bold and the Beautiful but does anyone remember the I’ll Fated Echo Point.Did Ten ever learn their lesson from those days that a soap at 6pm will not work!!!

  2. Someone needs to set a rule, that a TV show in a new timeslot has to remain in that slot for a certain number of episodes before it can be pulled out again. Networks are just getting ridiculous lately, putting a show on, not advertising it is there, then when no one watches taking it off before episode 2. A show doesn’t find a new audience in a week.

  3. Well only my grandparents watch B&B. So i called them up and let them know it was on at 6pm instead of 4.30. Anyway, i just wanted to watch it to see what all the fuss is about and guess what… i actually watched the whole episode and can’t wait til tonight eppy.

    However i think i just like the current storyling… but we’ll see. TEN please bring back Will and Grace… that rocked. (and 90210)

  4. It would be more accurate to compare last Monday’s episode of The Simpsons rather than the weekly average which would be lower since the audience drops off on Thursdays and Fridays. It certainly had a bad effect as a lead-in to Neighbours though as its ratings are down on previous weeks.

  5. So B&B added about 11,000 viewers for Ten at 6pm – or less than 2% increase.

    I’d say that would be a dissapoinmnet for Ten.

    There are many more eyeballs watching TV at 6 (a huge switch on time) than 4.30pm, so the extra viewers watching Bold at 6 is a given.

    The goal would have been to improve the 6pm slot, and quite clearly it hasn’t.

    That said, it’s day one of a summer trial – the show may well grow.

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