Airdate: Brokeback Mountain

Updated: Now replaced by Catch Me If You Can.

Nine will screen the acclaimed movie Brokeback Mountain starring the late Heath Ledger, later this month.

It screens on Boxing Day, Friday December 26th at 8:30pm.

The classification for the 2005 gay romance is M with ‘Some Coarse Language, Sex Scenes, Some Violence.’

If you just cain’t quit Heath or Jake Gyllenhaal, look out for it.


  1. god 9 is a waste of space, they are like channel 10 with catch me if you can, it has been on like 6 times this year, what is their obsession with this movie? well i’ll only be watching 7 and 10 on boxing day it seems, too bad for 9, it is their own fault.

  2. What a dreadful day/timeslot. I always figured that this movie would rate its socks off on FTA, and now even more so now that Heath Ledger is no longer of this world.

    And since when did you start specifying classifications, David? 😛

  3. What a waste of such a buzz-worthy movie!! Bunch of fools running Nine…

    I mean obviously Heath Ledger will attract huge ratings because he’s dead, and this was an iconic homosexual movie which received lots of controversy and ”acclaim’.”

    They just don’t know how to run the network…

    The amount of people who’ll watch on Boxing Day will be little to none.

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