Airdate: Carla Cametti, PD.

You'll see lots of familiar faces when SBS' newest local drama, Carla Cametti, P.D., premieres next month.

You’ll see lots of familiar faces when SBS’ newest local drama, Carla Cametti, P.D., premieres next month.

The six part series built around a private detective in a family of Italians fuses actors from Underbelly, Satisfaction, Canal Road and Rush.

In the title role is Diana Glenn, while Vince Colosimo, Robert Mammone, Sullivan Stapleton and Nicole Da Silva also appear.

SBS has opted to premiere the season when most viewing on offer is repeats, but it also risks doing so when we are distracted by summer holidaying. It premieres Thursday January 8 at 8.30pm on SBS.

Press Release:

Get set for a bold new direction in local drama with CARLA CAMETTI PD, a sizzling six-part series starting January 8 at 8.30pm on SBS. Sassy, sexy and determined, Carla Cametti has the looks and street smarts to get what she wants. But she also has a personal life that’s rife with drama!

There’s her dad Leo who runs the family restaurant but still harbours dreams of being an Opera singer. Her mum Angela who loves to interfere with her love life, her best friend Lisa who is planning the wedding of the year while sleeping around, and her uncle Tony whose dark secrets are starting to surface.

On top of that Carla must also contend with ex-boyfriend Matt who the police believe is criminal, her best friend’s dad Joe who is under police surveillance and her mate Georgina, a widow at thirty and hell bent on revenge.

Carla loves them all. The only problem is that one of them is trying to kill her, but which one? Detective Senior Sergeant Gandolfi is determined to find out. A suave policeman seconded to Melbourne to curb its gangland activity, Gandolfi struts into Carla’s life and offers to shield her from the bullets. How can a girl refuse?

The enchanting Diana Glenn (Satisfaction, Love My Way) and Vince Colosimo (Underbelly) lead a stellar ensemble cast including Robert Mammone, Sullivan Stapleton and Nicole Da Silva in this sizzling crime drama series.

EPISODE 1 TO HAVE AND TO HOLD Thursday January 8 at 8.30pm

Carla attends the funeral of Jack Kavel, an old friend’s husband. At the wake, his widow Georgina asks her to find out who killed her husband. When Carla tells her friend that murder is way too heavy for her, Georgina backs off – but little do they know that five days earlier, Carla was almost a witness to Jack’s abduction.

In the course of investigating an accident insurance scam for a client, Fleur, Carla tracks down Brad a DJ at a private club the same club Jack was kidnapped from. Carla is convinced that Brad is scamming her client but when she takes Fleur back to the club to confront him, she soon discovers that her client has a secret of her own and the gun Fleur’s carrying in her bag is meant as revenge against her runaway husband… Brad who has recently confessed he was gay.

As if that’s not enough, Carla’s connections to Jack Kavel’s death arouse the suspicions of the annoyingly sexy Detective Luke Gandolfi. Add a crazy gunman with Carla in his sights, an uncle with a secret, and a soon to be married best friend who needs Carla to cover up for her infidelities – Carla soon realises that family issues are indeed a dangerous business.

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