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As previously reported here, Movie Extra’s local comedy Chandon Pictures is coming to ABC. This follow’s the broadcaster’s success in screening cable-produced comedies including Stupid, Stupid Man and Shock Jock.

The comedy, created by Rob Carlton, follows the misadventures of a struggling video production company. It also stars Darren Gilshenan and Rebecca Massey with a guest cast including Justine Clarke, Angus Sampson, Ed Kavalee, Graeme Blundell, Peter Phelps and Jessica Napier.

Recently nominated for an AFI Award, the comedy has just finished shooting its second series, and has enjoyed overseas sales.

It joins ABC’s Wednesday comedy line-up from 9:05pm January 21st. It repeats 8:30pm Thursdays on ABC2.

Press Release:
Move over Michael Moore! Australian documentary filmmaker Tom Chandon (Rob Carlton), is ready to turn the filmmaking world upside down. The eight-part comedy series, Chandon Pictures follows the amusing misadventures of Tom Chandon and his hapless video production company – Chandon Pictures.

Tom’s portfolio doesn’t extend much beyond wedding videos – but he’s a dreamer. With the help of his loyal cameraman Nick (Darren Gilshenan), pragmatic producer Lucy (Rebecca Massey) and a good dose of his own self-delusion, Tom manages to twist each client’s brief to cater to his own documentary-making dreams. To date, his greatest achievement has been a strange little film called, Bonzo: The Clown that Killed a Child.

Constant reality checks are delivered by his successful, younger brother Carmichael (Josh Lawson), but Tom’s determined to make a difference. He “just wants to do something great while he’s alive…and without selling out to Hollywood”.

Written and created by Rob Carlton, Chandon Pictures features a guest cast from a great line-up of well known Australian faces including; Justine Clarke, Angus Sampson, Ed Kavalee, Graeme Blundell, Peter Phelps and Jessica Napier.

In the first episode, Tom is engaged to film a wedding video – but this isn’t the usual wedding. Sherbert (Kathryn Beck) and David (Ed Kavalee) are in love and have been since childhood. There’s only one problem – they’re cousins. Tom struggles to be compassionate about his project, but it could just be his next big thing. Of course, the family just want a nice, proper video, one they can be proud to show their friends and family.

The cousins aren’t allowed to be married in a church, so it’s to be a small affair at David’s parents’ house. Fortunately they have found a priest, Reverend Bevan (Angus Sampson), who is willing to perform the service. Despite some awkward moments, the wedding goes ahead without a hitch…well almost.


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