Airdate: The Zoo

Channel Nine is making its first change to the 5:30pm timeslot since it reintroduced Antiques Roadshow following the demise of Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune.

It will move New Zealand factual show The Zoo into the slot from Monday January 19.

The show promises to take us behind the scenes of zookeepers and their animals. It has been running for seven years and was voted ‘Best Reality Documentary’ programme in The TV Guide’s People’s Choice Awards.

Ratings return from February 8th -it will be interesting to see if Nine decides to keep it in place.


  1. mmm, i dont see a factual show at 5.30pm working, love it or hate it, part of the reason that Deal or No Deal works at 5.30pm is that you can drop in and out of it without actually missing anything, factual shows have a narrative and require a bit of attention which at 5.30pm when people are running around doing 101 things is a bit more difficult to give

  2. @tepee, first of all air crash investigations is not a factual its a doco series, yes there is a difference.

    but atleast 7 attempt at making aussie versions of their imports SCU=CIU, wild vets=outback wildlife rescue and coastwatch=surf patrol and most shocking kind of = the force

    we don’t see 9 making airport, airline, borderline, deadly surf, police ten 7, motorway patrol, the zoo, ect. not that we want them to.

  3. lee123: “of course the difference being that 7’s rate well and are good. . . and are australian”

    LMAO funny lee. Of course you weren’t trying to be, but anyone who thinks a factual is “good” has to take the cotton out of their ears. Just take a look at Border Security, for goodness’ sake.

    BTW SCU: Serious Crash Unit, Most Shocking, Air Crash Investigations, Wild Vets, Coastwatch… all on Seven, but none of these are Aussie.

    Not that I think that NZ Zoo will work or is a good idea from Nine. Who needs more factuals?

  4. More factual television. Meh i will still watch deal. I dont think it will work. I wonder what seven has to say about it considering they have a massive hit show with the same name. I too did know about this version but didnt think nine of all people would show it. They must be desperate. No offense to new zealanders out there but i dont like your accent and i avoid factual shows from new zealand because of the cringing that occurs when i hear the accent. They probably have the same opinion about us

  5. this is very surprising, it’ll be like cross promotion for another network. i’m sure there are a lot of people out there like my mum that don’t mind DOND but love Antiques. this is exactly what would push her to DOND.

    i wonder what made them think this was a good idea. surely we’re about due for a rerun series of frasier, malcom in the middle, or spin city. comedy rererereruns seem to have worked for 9 and 10 in 08 whereas factuals never have.

    for me 7 will always be the one for quality of factuals, even if 9 is the one for quantity

  6. Or alternatively make the 5:30 numbers really bad so when “Across Australia” starts next year with Eddie and Leila, there will be a rating increase and Nine will feel like they are on a winner !!!!

  7. wow. 9 are realy taking the king of factuals crown from 7. they will have more than 7 has ever had since the factual revolution.

    of course the difference being that 7’s rate well and are good. . . and are australian.

    there is absolutely no way that this will work, and if it does only in the bad demos which is one of the main issues for antiques, so no problems will be solved here. they are just giving away their 5:30 viewers and news lead-in

  8. neon kitten, its not a rip off, its a franchise just like aus idol, biggest loser, Dancing with the stars, millionaire, Deal, ect. tthe only difference being that it is from NZ not america. this was a compliment to NZ that we have picked up one of their shows. a rip off is something like missing pieces, different name and network but a complete copy of content.

    i always thought that when 9 finally changed their 5:30 they would use a healthy demographic show, of which the zoo is not. i doubt it will pull any viewers from DOND, but i’m sure some antiques viewers will switch to deal. i doubt it will take us into the ratings year.

    and “the zoo NZ” how cheap can they get!! another indicator of 9’s financial situation. and i guess this takes 9’s factual count to 10 per week, to 7’s 3 per week. 9 fanboys will never be able to critisise 7 for quantitiy of factuals ever again

  9. Ah, so Seven’s “The Zoo” was in fact Yet Another Idea Ripped Off From New Zealand. I wasn’t aware of that.

    Says a lot about the state of Australian TV, doesn’t it, when we have to rip off idea after idea from NZ…

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