Auditions: Masterchef

Channel TEN is on the lookout for candidates for its new reality series, MasterChef.

The British format will to be adapted by FremantleMedia is searching for chefs “from the diva of dinner parties to the hero of home-cooking.” TEN is hoping the series, to follow The Biggest Loser, will replace the hole left by Big Brother.

Information and application forms are available at

Entrants must be over 18 years old whose main source of income cannot come from preparing and cooking fresh food in a professional environment.

Entries close January 9th.

Press Release:
Time to throw your Chef’s hat in the ring.

In 2009 we are about to see who can take the heat…and who had better get out of the kitchen!
The search is on to find Australia’s first true MasterChef. Network Ten and FremantleMedia Australia want every kitchen wannabe, from amateur chefs to budding foodies, to toss their chef’s hat in the ring to ultimately become Australia’s next super Chef.

A real life drama will play out during this enthralling new series as the contestant’s kitchen courage is put to the ultimate test. From highs to lows, our cast of characters will be catapulted from starters to mains then desserts and back again.

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming the country’s greatest chef but life has taken you in a different direction now is the time to reach out and grab on to this opportunity. If your cooking talents are yet to be discovered, from the diva of dinner parties to the hero of home-cooking, this show is for you.

MasterChef Australia is a new reality format for 2009 based on the hit UK series of the same name.

The key guidelines for applicants are that they must be 18 or over as of Feb 9, 2009 and your main source of income cannot come from preparing and cooking fresh food in a professional environment (restaurant, hotels, canteens etc).

We want budding chefs from all walks of life. A love of food and food preparation will be the common denominator with all contestants. This series will turn the reality genre on its head, making cooking the hot sexy topic of 2009.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new series then head to our website for more information and applications.

Applications close on January 9, 2009. So put aside some time this festive season, throw your hat in the ring and set the food industry on fire in 2009.


  1. HI Guys my name is Kat….
    My bother Johnny is the best chef ever!! he has been a chef for approx 26 years and has run some of the best restaurants in Melbourne.He recently won the best of the best pizza challenge in victoria and is off to compete in NSW in september.
    He has cooked for a number of celebrities such as Bon Jovi…on so so on!
    He was totally born to cook….he can literally turn an empty fridge in to a 3 course meal!!! His funny prefessional grumpy and cheeky at the same time..he will no doubt be a super star on TV!! He continuously praised for his delicious meals and his sofisticated meal appearance.He is passionate for what he does and only settles for the best. please let me know how he can audition i promise u will love him…..

  2. I would like to know the casting for this show is done. There are so many contestants in their twenties, is that what its about? I sent in an application and didnt get call to an audition. I love to cook “foods of the world” and I dont think this serious is diverse or serious enought!

  3. I am a serious foodie and I’m not a loudmouth or bimbo, but did make it to day 2 of auditions in Perth. However it was terribly organised and they changed the rules throughout the day and I only ended up getting about 45 mins to do my dish, whilst another person had an hour and a half as they weren’t keeping track of anyone. The 2 people I did see go through to Sydney, weren’t loudmouths at all and one of them was very talented and I was glad to see him get through.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely try again next year as I felt I was so close!

  4. I made it to then auditions and just like pillu above said above – it was an absolute joke! Cooking was not the priority but loudmouths and bimbos were a must!

    Don’t waste your time serious foodies!

  5. Hey Shane, congratulations!!!

    What did you do for your cold dish and then what did you produce as your hot dish the next day??

    so your through to Sydney??


  6. Marc from Bris

    My girlfriend has an audition tomorrow in Bris and she is hopeing that it is no about the drama and mre about the skills of the people who love food.

    I pray she gets in but I know she wont want to be a part of a reality series tha dramatises something she is passionate about…food and the love of preparing culinary delights…lets hope Channel 10 doesnt let her down!

  7. I did go to the adudition in Sydney, by the way if that wasn’t obvious!! One guy in my grup had the best meal I think I’ve ever tasted and everyone agreed – but he didn’t get throuygh because he was a normal really nice guy. So stupid.

  8. In typical Australian reality tv style, the auditions were all about the sob stories and the d*head morons – one pretty girl didn’t even fully make her own dish, and admitted it, but still got through!??! It’ll be a bunch of whinging morons like biggest loser, not focussing on good cooking but on the drama side of things – thanks a lot again casting morons!

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