Bumped: Kath & Kim

The Seven doctor just ordered a double dose of Scrubs and a late night round of Kath & Kim.

The American version of Kath and Kim has been nudged back later by Seven -to now air at 11:30pm Mondays from next week.

Seven is doubling the dose of Scrubs, even though the show is in repeat.

On Monday Scrubs managed a cool 644,000 viewers -well up on some of the profile shows on TEN earlier in the evening.

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  1. I like scrubs , but I can’t work out which order they are showing it,
    on that day they show from Season1 then season 6 , can’t they actually show in order, btw these are repeated anyway.. so I guess they can’t tell..

  2. @MS
    Quote “any news on when seven will show season 8? hopefully we won’t have to wait as long as it took them to show season 7!!”

    Would be hard to say at this point. Early January is the starting date for the new season in the US. So fingers crossed not too long after that.

    Glad to see the ratings reflect shows at these times. Why can’t the stations ever heed the quote from Field of Dreams, “If you build it (put it on earlier) they will come (watch)”.

  3. Scrubs… i don’t get it, which ones meant to be the funny one?

    The US Kath & Kim actually is decent, people just need to stop comparing it to the aussie one. It gets better as some of the kinks are worked out.

    Scrubs, i never got into it. Just seems very mediocre, middle of the road, would like to think it’s being really clever when it’s not. Everyone likes different things.

    Channel 7 should put something like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (the funniest and best written comedy show being made these days) on instead of a repeat of scrubs and further develope itself a little late night comedy block which can give them some flexibility to slip in different shows it won’t show in prime time.

  4. Last week Scrubs was one of the best, nice to see it again LOL

    K&K might be working in the US but I guess ch7 over did the promoting just to knock it down with the promos and bring back the local version, and they wonder why no one is watching it now?

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