Californication wins 3rd season

David Duchovny and co. get a greenlight for a third season with Showtime.

Racy -and sometimes introspective- drama Californication has been approved for a third season by US cable network Showtime.

The series which screens on Network TEN will premiere the third season later in 2009 (US) with another 12 episodes.

Showtime is having a good run lately with Dexter, Weeds and The Tudors all returning in 2009.

TEN is continuing to screen the David Duchovny drama on Sunday nights in summer.

Source: Variety

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  1. Great news. I was worried it wouldn’t get a third season. I love this show. It would have to be one of my favourite shows on the box right now, it’s fantastic.

    Showtime are really producing some quality stuff right now, three of my favourite shows, Californication, Dexter and Weeds all a product from the network…could be the next HBO.

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