Coren: “I know I embarrased Seven”

Former Today Tonight host Anna Coren starts at CNN in Hong Kong today, but not on air.

“I’ll be shadowing and observing for a while and honestly I don’t know when I’ll be on air or if, in fact, I’ll be on camera before Christmas,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“The bosses here have decided they aren’t going to throw me in. CNN has a policy to that effect. They are big on having you well and truly versed in the CNN ways before you start.”

Coren has also spoken about her exit, and the reports that she was auditioning for CNN while still with Seven -a risky move for someone of her profile.

“I know that I embarrassed (Seven boss) David Leckie and (news boss) Peter Meakin,” she said.

“That was not my intention. I had already indicated to them that I was not interested in re-signing my Seven contract and was looking around at other opportunities. But I got caught out.

“Hours after I’d conducted my interview for CNN in Atlanta, Seven in Sydney was on the phone. They’d heard about it. I’d rather not say what was said to me at the time, but Peter Meakin and I have never had a problem.”

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. I can just imagine what Mr Meakin had to say to her, “You f***ing blah blah, f***ing this, f***ing that, blah blah”. Doesn’t take much to figure it out.

  2. Meakin embarrassed Seven.Today Tonight embarrasses Seven.
    Coren was just the fall girl.
    Good luck in future Anna, just pick right network and show to front.

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