Couples by Candlelight

Couple Anthony Callea and Tom Campbell will duet together at Nine's Carols by Candlelight.

Nine’s Carols by Candelight will this year include a duet by partners Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell.

While the song in question is being kept under wraps, it’s a significant move by the network to feature an openly gay couple in such a profile event. But Nine’s annual event has featured families and couples before, including Jimmy Barnes and family this year.

Both Callea and Campbell have become more relaxed about their public status. Campbell also appeared as support act at Callea’s December gigs at Crown Casino.

Nine’s Christmas Eve event will be Campbell’s first, and follows from his musical stint in Shout The Musical.

Next year he returns to Nine for more Singing Bee.

Source / photo: Herald Sun.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I’m proud top read so many supportive and sensible comments from Australians out there.
    I just wish that the media didn’t feel the need to make such a fuss about two people singing a carol together

  2. I’m with Wayne on this, and really this isn’t about Anthony coming out, for heavens sake that was nearly two years ago, its very old news and he was still very young and not ready to take that step. Anthony and Tim are not waving any flags or trying to be role models, they are just being themselves (and by doing this they actually are inspirational) accept it or not. I find them both so down to earth and full of fun. I could name many more celebs who took so much longer to come out and even went as far as getting married. This is just about two talented people singing a duet together.

    On another note I have never seen Anthony look happier than he is at the moment, so I can’t wait to see the Carols on Christmas Eve, peace and goodwill to all.

  3. So many of these comments are centred around Anthony Callea coming out with very little reference to Tim Campbell, presumably because Anthony Callea is the more high profile person in their relationship. Tim has said in interview that he came out years ago, and was known as ‘the gay of Summer Bay’ (as in “Home and Away”) and yet there was nothing mentioned in the media about it or if there was, I didn’t see it or hear about it.

    These guys say they’re happy together and they just want to get on with their lives. It’s the media who continually bring this to the attention of readers, not Anthony or Tim. Anthony doesn’t want to be known as a gay singer or a straight singer, just a singer and people can hardly blame him for that. If there are people who want to get “precious” about Anthony and Tim singing a duet at Carols By Candlelight, let them waste their time brooding and venting about it. It’s supposed to be an event where people rejoice, not whinge about who the performers are and what their sexuality is.

    All this has been blown out of all proportion, surrounding an event that takes place at a very special time of year when people come together because they want to be part of something beautiful, and beautiful it will be, with or without people moaning about the sexuality of two of its performers.

  4. Ray, I’m from the planet read properly 😉 Ellen, Tim, Ian and Darren were all much older than Anthony when they revealed that they were Gay – Anthony was much younger ie: he came out at a much earlier time in his life. Anthony was only 24 – Sir Ian* came out at about 50, Tim at 32, Ellen at around 40 etc.


    Craig, as was stated earlier, Anthony was already taking steps with Sony to reveal his sexuality, his contract etc was being renegotiated when Vic Larusso’s report hit the headline. That Anthony was homosexual had been an open secret in the press for years, and he regularly attended events with his former partner, but to their credit the media granted him the right that every Gay individual should have, the right to out himself when he was comfortable enough to do so.

    Personally I find him a great inspiration, by living simply his life with dignity he is doing a great deal to promote acceptance. * forgive the hurried first post and it’s many typos – it of course should have read Sir Ian McKellen. 😉

  5. This is truly fantastic news! They sing brilliantly together. Good on you 9 and Vision Australia. And you are so right Andy. They will be singing pure and simple, just like David Campbell and Jimmy Barnes will be doing. It’s not a big deal.

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