Digital switch is a digital snooze

We know all the guff about the switch to digital television can be a bit of a bore…

So much so that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy was caught napping as the Senate debated his legislation.

He appeared to rest his eyes through much of a speech by Liberal backbencher Alan Eggleston before being roused by a second speaker.

“Sorry to disturb your slumber,” Liberal Ian Macdonald said.

Senator Conroy offered no response.

He later said the suggestion that he was asleep in the chamber was simply untrue.

“As much as Senator Macdonald’s contributions would send most people to sleep, I was awake and listening,” Senator Conroy said.

Maybe he was just dreaming of another Freeview party.

Source: The Age


  1. ACMA has to justify their existence somehow but once again it’s Australian consumers that suffer. They kept cable TV off us for 10 years so we lagged the rest of the world and they wonder why we don’t have a competitive TV/film production industry. Next step is to “filter” the internet for big business under the guise that they’re protecting people and put Australia right back in the stone age.

  2. IPTV should be well adopted by the time this digital switch comes along, effectively rendering it near useless, assuming this internet revolution happens, and the net filter doesn’t.

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