Don Burke ‘in talks’ with Nine

Don Burke is back in talks with Channel Nine, just nine months after he last appeared on the network.

Burke’s seasonal specials last aired in March, but the format was dropped by Nine mid year, as revealed exclusively on TV Tonight. At the time Burke said, “the welcome mat is out and the door is open for discussion.”

This week he has indicated just that, to News Limited, saying he still lamented the axing of Burke’s Backyard.

“Honestly I thought it was a foolish decision on behalf of Channel 9,” said Burke, who helmed Burke’s Backyard for 17 years.

“But I am talking to them at the moment, so who knows?

“There might be something new there. So far we’re just looking at some options so we’ll see what happens.”



  1. I think that Don Bourke would be great for another series of Burke’s Backyard. Finally, Channel Nine are bringing back the good old days – hopefully a new season of Burke’s Backyard, and The Block. If Channel Nine were to revamp their network with these shows and the new 5:30pm show, they are sure to be at the top again!

  2. Judging by how one of the specials faired in the 7.30 Friday slot a while back, I doubt any of his shows could go back into that slot. 9 practiacally gave the slot to 7’s Better Homes & Gardens, which regularly rates above 1.5mill viewers. Im sure 7 will be thanking 9 for one of their many idiotic moves!

  3. geez, Don,we get it, you thought Nine axing Burkes Backyard was a bad idea, do you really have to repeat it to anyone who will listen every 6 months? lets all get on with our lives….didnt the last “seasonal special” only attract about 800,000 viewers or something?

  4. From interviews I’ve heard with Don, he seems very big headed and self obsessed. The staff that worked with him also say that.

    He should be very lucky for the long run he had on TV. I don’t see why he winged about Ch 9 axing Burkes Backyard after so many years.

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