Far Canal

As previously reported Nine is scheduling its two unaired episodes of the drama series Canal Road.

But it has made an adjustment which will need to keep any remaining fans (are you out there) on their toes.

Now the last two episodes are scheduled to appear Fri Dec 5th 10:45pm and Saturday Dec 13th 10:30pm. That’s a week apart, but on different days.

Very confusing.

This bumps failed comedy series Monster House out of schedule this Friday night.

Fans of the drama series know too well the show has been bumped around the schedule, now it seems right down to the last two episodes.


  1. I’m surprised someone hasn’t made a DVD rip of the final 2 episodes and posted them online. I don’t normally advocate this, but with the treatment of the show by 9, i do in this case.

  2. The problem with the online copy is it’s 700Mb for a 45 min show, first off hell of a chunk out of my wireless account for the month and I can’t get ADSL here. Second it requires a special player.

    The DVD is only 4×3 even thought this series was made in HD at 16×9 so I didn’t even bother renting, much less buying that for 2 eps in the wrong format!

    Bring on Friday!

  3. I gave up on Canal long ago, and then rented the Canal Rd series when it finally came out on DVD. It was a long time coming but the final twist was interesteing.

  4. Erm I may be missing something but can someone tell me if there’s a hidden meaning behind the headline?? Far Canal? Is it like a dentist joke or something? Please explain

  5. Hmmm, Thanks David. I had wondered if and when Ch 9 would finish showing Canal Road. I’ll try and remember to watch.
    I agree with previous posts and I won’t watch any new Local content that Ch 9 take on. Very sad really as they don’t seem to give local content a go.

    I hope Ch Ten will take on a new series of Rush as it’s quite good too….
    At least some of us have Pay TV where many of these Aus series pop up at a later date….

  6. Another stupid but classic programming change by Nine (aka was The One many years ago)
    Why not show last 2 episodes in one hit – Nine’s excuse is got to get those Aussie TV drama portion into schedule so,10.59 pm whenever this year will do…

  7. The question is: When a new Aussie show is promoted by channel nine from now on, will the audience remember the appalling treatment of Canal Road and resist watching? Surely channel nine would have thought of that and simply scheduled the remaining episodes much earlier to get some good PR. Why did Fringe fail………?

  8. Headline of the year for me too.
    It sure beats having the program being placed on the Far Q.

    David, Thanks for your work and website.
    It is required reading for me daily.

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