Gone: Britannia High. Bumped: Dance Machine, Holby Blue.

Seven adjusts its summer weekend viewing, dropping one show and moving two more.

Seven’s flirt with Britannia High has been short-lived. The UK music-drama has removed from schedule effective immediately and replaced with a movie, Cadet Kelly.

That also pushes Dance Machine out, to now will air at 3pm each weekday from Monday 22nd December.

Another UK drama, Holby Blue, is also to be replaced with a movie, Someone Like You.

Holby Blue moves to 10:30pm this Sunday.

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  1. This show was ok my sisters liked it and then it got taken off the air.
    Why the hell are people taking good shows off the air and leaving crap ones? Aus TV is getting worse every year and soon im not going to watch TV
    TV is getting crapper every year!

  2. i live in the uk and have watched the entire series of this – it’s great! i know some people wont agree with me and fair enough cos everyones entitled to their own opinion – but i think that your channel seven is well out of order ‘cos b.h. is brill! I absolutely loved it and it should def. come back on there!

  3. bring back britannia!
    i love mitch hewer and thought the show was great.
    i taped it and showed all my friends and they are hanging out for the next episode.

    poor form chanel seven, poor form.

  4. The one thing that the free to air channels are doing (well!!!) by their dreadful programming and weird wtf!! decisons is make us all move to or stick to subscription TV. Brittania High was ok. Yeah – a bit like fame of old, but nonetheless it was ok. How can 7 make a decision on one airing?? I really dont know unless they used it as a filler?? Who knows. Come on 7 Exec’s wake up and smell the coffee and give us some decent programs.

  5. hey guys… i watched the first episode of brittannia high the other day… but now i cant seem to find it so i googled it- only to find channel 7 got rid of it!!!!! i am now majorly depressed and need it to come back on ASAP!!!!! I love it!!! i dont care whether it is on prime time or not… just get it back on. Oh and does anyone know where i can get it if chanel seven doesnt put it back on???

  6. I only saw the first episode of Britannia high on Channel 7, and really enjoyed it. I told my friends, who are into shows like that, about it and we were all planning to watch it the next week, but then it did not appear on TV ever again 🙁
    I wish Channel 7 had have kept it going for a little while longer (I would have preferred for the whole series!)
    All the movies that they are putting on now as replacements have been on 100 times before. I want Britannia High back – it’s never too late to bring it back Channel 7.

  7. Lorena’s right, what are teenagers meant to watch these days?
    Channel 7 and Channel 10 are cutting shows,
    now all i can watch is Gossip Girl! ( although i’m not complaining)
    Britannia High is the best!

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