Gone: Jamie at Home. Returning: Futurama

TEN will adjust its early evening schedule on Monday January 5 when it drops Jamie at Home from 6:30pm.

It is to be replaced by repeats of Futurama, returning with the “I, Roomate” episode.

Of course, it won’t be for very long, with Neighbours likely to return before the end of January.


  1. kinda wish it was 7pm cause TT usually gets taped and ACA is watched.

    I bought the first 4 seasons of King of the hill (the only seasons availible out of the 12 or so season show).
    I guess it was funny for a while, but quickly got old and annoying, kinda like a lot of the new simpsons episodes. But i love old simpsons and futuruaama!

  2. the 6.30 pm time slot seems to be all over the place. on christmas day and boxing day friends was shown, then on Monday and Tuesday(29th & 30th dec) jamie at home is on, Wednesday and Thursday friends and Friday jamie at home.

  3. @ Ben

    Screw Channel Seven. All they’ve ever done is treat King of the Hill like shit. They’ve aired new episodes years after they’ve aired in the U.S., and they only ever screen it in the most ungodly of timeslots. They obviously don’t give a shit about the show and it’s obviously not doing them any favours so why Seven won’t just sell it to Foxtel or Ten is beyond me (I know Foxtel has the rights to the series, but they don’t have first run rights to new episodes).

    For years, I’ve been waiting for Ten to snag the rights to King of the Hill, as they’ll treat KotH infinitely better than Seven ever have (or will). It would make an ideal addition to Ten’s animation line-up next year as they’ll have new episodes of The Simpsons, Futurama, Sit Down Shut Up and Cleveland.

  4. @Glenn

    If my memory serves me correctly, last summer Friends was on at 7pm 7 nights a week.

    This didn’t change until Biggest Loser returned, and Friends was moved to 6pm Weeknights.

    The 7pm screenings were in the second half of 2006 (after Yasmin failed) and in the second half of 2007 when Ten didn’t bother trying a new concept at all.

    Must say Futurama has sure served Ten well since they picked it up from 7, who thought midnight was a suitable timeslot!

  5. You wonder why Ten didn’t just do this right through in the first place – it obviously worked for them last Summer…

    Glad to see Futurama is back though!!!

    For those who haven’t noticed, Jamie at Home is only haphazardly from now on, with Friends filling in at 6:30pm a few times from now on, starting from tomorrow, Christmas Night.

  6. It’s no Suprise that Ch10 axed another freekin show from thier line up.
    The place is run by Slack-Jawed Yokels who didn’t even make it to high school or the End of Primary School for that Matter!

    I Understand the Chinese are making a new ‘Year Of’ and its gonna be
    2009 = The year of the Joke (guess that has Channel 10 written all over it!)

  7. I saw an ad for Neighbours today, I’m pretty sure it said returning January 19.

    Common sense dictates that Simpsons should return to 6.00 when Futurama comes to 6.30, but who knows what the idiots at Ten will do

  8. I love Futurama, it is quite an underated show, except Ten like to flog it along with the Simpsons. But even the repeats are great, and I much prefer it to that pretentious british chef.

  9. This is pathetic. Replace this crap with The Office. Matt Groening cartoons take up too much space already as it is…this is yet another example of why Ten will cease to exist in a decade

  10. Zero faith in Ten’s schedule. None. They don’t commit to anything anymore. I’m still dumbfounded that they actually decided to play Jamie at Home repeats, of all shows.

    At least Futurama has replay value.

  11. Jamie at home series one only had 13 episodes the last of which airs on January 2…So “drops” may not be quiet correct ! although I guess they could have continued with series 2 which also has 13 episodes…

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