Jolene Anderson to join Rush

Former All Saints actress will join Channel TEN’s Rush in 2009, playing one of the rapid response police team.

Her announcement sees her add a third key female to the cast since the end of the role of Gracie (Clare van der Boom) in a surprising series death. She will join Catherine McClements and Nicole de Silva as the show’s key female cast.

Joining Rush will undoubtedly help Anderson chart a new course in 2009 after an eventful 2008.

“Challenging is the one word that I use to sum up the year,” she told the Sunday Herald Sun.

“At the start of the year I was doing All Saints, narrating Bush Doctors and then rehearsing and performing my one-woman show, Tell Me On A Sunday,” she said.

“And then my beautiful friend Mark (Priestley) passed away . . . it’s been a big year and I’m currently enjoying some time out in the country.”

Anderson’s new move to TEN follows her role as Nurse Erica Templeton on the Seven drama since 2006.

“It was hard to leave but I am ready for new challenges,” she said.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun.


  1. Joy Helen Sebbens

    Hi! Jolene,
    Just to let you know that I am still going well, I passed my Year 10 Certificate in 2009 and now I am doin a Business Course this year in 2010 and am really enjoying it very much. I don’t think that I will be able to get a job at my age, Next time that you are in Kempsey we might catch up with each other and have a cup of coffee together.
    Wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day from me please as it is just over 5 1/2 years since I lost my mum, and your mother is a really lovely person, this is all at the moment Jolene. Love you like a sister, good luck with your acting career and bye for now until we see each other again. Joy

  2. It is so good to see Jolene Anderson doing so well especially now that she has joined the cast of “Rush” on channel 10, to me Jolene has always been a very good actress, singer and that she also can dance as well. Glad that I caught up with Jolene the last time that she was up here in Kempsey, New South Wales and I was able to have a really good talk with her.
    Keep up the excellent work that you are doing Jolene, as it is really good to have someone in the family like yourself, oh by the way the course that I am doing at Year 10 (CG.V.E.)at Kempsey Tafe we will be starting our own band hopefully in October this year .
    When it does get started I’ll try and see if Margaret can contact you. Bye for now, hope to catch up with you soon Joy Sebbens

  3. i don’t watch rush, but i might start now. i absolutely love jolene as a person and actress on All saints, bush doctors, and It takes two. and there are obviously lots of others that do aswell, it takes alot to win IT2.

    she looks like she will fit in as a cop. very good move. i just hope Rush and All saints are not in the same time slot, maybe it will keep its wednesday slot.

  4. This is somewhat funny as while I’m not sure what the new year will bring with the programming of Rush and All Saints, but when they were last on I’m pretty sure they were on at the same time up against each other.

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