New series of reality faves

Reality fans will be pleased to hear there are new series of Survivor and The Amazing Race scheduled in the US.

Survivor is back for an 18th cycle on February 12th. This is the first season that can include applicants under the age of 21. Nine is currently screening the 16th series, Micronesia: Fans v Favourites.

The 14th season of The Amazing Race returns February 15th. Seven is currently airing season 13.

Both shows premiere on CBS just as we return to the ratings season.


  1. We were away on Monday and Tuesday. Fortunately I checked the WIN website before we went and set my recorder to record for 2.5 hours on Monday, and over an hour on Tuesday. This made certain I would get the whole of the last episodes of Survivor. I have also set the recorder to record from 9.30pm Thursday to after 12am Friday to make sure I get all of TAR. GWN/Seven are notorious for being at least 15 minutes late after 7.30pm. I suppose season 19 of Survivor will be on in the US before we get to see any of season 18.

  2. I’m still glued to both. Still hoping for a Survivor:Arctica (or similar) but let’s face it – guys would turn off in their droves for the lack of flesh on display.

  3. I agree with Ka-ching Channel 9 need to give Survivor another red hot go. Yes a few years ago there was Survivor fatigue, however this current series is riveting with strategies changing each week.

    It would find a whole new audience.
    It is much better then the Bert Newton 20 to 1. Channel 9 also mess around with shows. It was only by chance I saw it was now on Monday nights as well.

    Channel 7 are no better with The Amazing Race it is now been moved back an hour, and they are not adverse in some seasons to putting on double episodes which screws people who tape it.

  4. Quite a few people have written into the Channel 9 discussion board griping because they missed Monday night’s episode which was a significant one for this season. They hadn’t seen any notification of the extra episode being slotted in. Once I read it in here I posted a thread in there to notify as many people as possible but old threads get pushed back on to old pages even if someone adds to the thread.

    Channel 9 really don’t have any idea (or choose to ignore the fact) that there are many loyal Survivor fans out there. Just some consistency in the timelsot would be nice and to be able to see it on tv as close as possible to the U.S. screening – to help avoid spoilers.

  5. yer i reckon nine might as well give survivor a shot on a Tuesday Night at say 9.30 in primetime in 09′. Fasttrack the 18th Season and give it a great chance as “ka-ching” says. Tuesday night has often been their night of young peoples television (two and a half men, ladette to lady, wipeout) and i think this could work well after or before one of those types of shows.

  6. Given Channel 9’s up and down performance in the ratings this year, they would do well to let some of their past rating’s winners (like Survivor) have a chance to build an audience back up. I have had so many converstaions with people over the past few weeks about Survivor Micronesia which is currently screening at 10.30pm despite having been screened in the US from February. It has to be one of the best seasons ever and I am also looking forward to Gabon being aired straight after.

    No, I didn’t download it and am absolutely glued to the tv when it is on, as are many other people that I know. If I am not home I always record it to watch later.

    I sometimes really doubt some of the ratings figures that are put out there regarding Survivor and blame Nine’s treatment of the show for some fans giving up on the tv and downloading – change nights and times between seasons and even mid-season has cost them dearly. We only have 10 houses in our street and I know 4 of those households watch it religiously.

    As far as I’m concerned just keep Survivor coming – even if we have to sit up late at night.

  7. Woo! (like we didn’t expect this? :P)

    Just because Australians don’t favour reality shows, it doesn’t mean that it’s so unbelievably shocking that these shows have been renewed in the U.S. They rate like dynamite over there.

    And as usual, I will be downloading them both, because Seven and Nine both suck when it comes to screening these (I watched Survivor 16 in March and Nine is showing it now…how pathetic!!)

    However since Seven is showing TAR right now, around 3 weeks behind, and Nine will show Survivor 17 in summer, around a few months behind, let’s see if they both can do better in February.

    I highly doubt it, they’ll probably show both in April. Which means I download. But let’s see…

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