Nine captioning becoming antique

Cost cutting at the Nine Network has resulted in a reduction in captioning of programmes. Shows that have lost captions for the hearing impaired include Days of Our Lives, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Fresh Cooking and Antiques Roadshow.

Subtle production changes like this accumulate to affect our viewing standards. If this keeps up Nine might become a bit of an antique itself.

Nine is required to caption an average of 70 per cent of programming aired between 6am and midnight. It claims to have an average of 78 per cent in the timeslot, but there are suggestings it has now fallen to 57.5 per cent.

Deafness Forum of Australia CEO Nicole Lawder said Nine had blatantly and cynically manipulated their captioning.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. Please keep the Antiques Road Show up and running.It allows us to have some culture in our lives.Dont for get the deaf community..seeing is ‘hearing’.
    How will younger folk ever get to appreciate those lovely olde worlde things, if they are not informed.

  2. Sorry David, did you say ‘Cost cutting has forced Nine to dump captioning”
    Let me see cost of captioning programmes equals “let’s call it” X
    Doing captioning provides loadsof goodwill out there – huge plus.
    Oops then we have al those warehoused tlaents held by Nine, being paid millions doing nothing equals 70 times X..
    Cost cutting Nine needs to dump all those unused ‘talent’ instead of just being mean. Nine has lost their way and now is just Mr. Meanie

  3. lameboyadvance

    I agree that captioning should be a priority. Failing to do so is discrimination against the hearing impaired.
    I actually use captions from time to time, usually when I can’t have the sound on, or occasionally listening to music/radio while still watching. I find it annoying when I try to use captions, only to find out the station couldn’t be bothered captioning it.

  4. If networks can’t act responsibly to provide this service, then the government needs to step in to make the requirements stronger.

    For cost cutting.. now surely these shows would just come with closed captioning from the maker wouldn’t they?

  5. gyngel: “we will not sacrifice quality, to save costs” we all knew that that quote would bite him in the behind. starting with the axing of sunday.

    all these budget cuts are making the kellie hoggart, nathan foley boning rumour look very believable. imagine the scandal that would be if it were true.

    also add to that list^^^ the fact that they have no shows left and have resorted to 10×2.5men, 4xCSI, and 2x20to1 per week, their HD network is hopeless. can’t imagine how their new network will turn out.

  6. “selling shows to foxtel, airing cheap shows and now this”
    also not signing ed philips and not being able to top $1mil for thank god you’re here.

    does anyone have details on how bad ch9’s financial situation is?

  7. That is disgusting making the people who are sadly deaf suffer just to save a few measly dollars nine you should be ashamed of yourself and I hope you go downhill fast next year in the words of Darren hinch shame shame shame

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