Nine channels Karvan’s Spirit

Channel Nine has picked up a new series by actress Claudia Karvan, based on the 1968 series The Ghost and Mrs Muir, entitled Spirit.

Karvan is set to star in the series, her first commercial TV project since The Secret Life of Us.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. well, i think we can clearly establish that 7 set the trends, 9 follow them.

    ella can i add to your list: dancing on ice=dancing with the stars. and everyday heroes=000 heroes <sneaky one there producing a copy before 000 airs so the general public will not know who copied who), not to mention all the copying from sunrise into today (a free andre rieu concert, just weeks after sunrises’ free pink concert, steve jacobs even copied the line “most expensive background music to the weather ever”).
    7 is almost permissed to copy 60 mins after all that
    if PTTR hadn’t aired i doubt this would have a chance at the green light.

    and to some of the people up there; i’m sure its the “cliched and derivative” “bland as bland can be” that made it #1 show of the year.
    sheesh lighten up, a lot of people are happy to call this the best aussie show ever. can i assume that you are the same type of people that watch 2.5 men, if there were less of you in australia, and more people that could recognise quality, maybe the ratings system would work so much better.

  2. Wasn’t “small claims” commercial tv?

    I love Ghost & Mrs Muir and part of me is horrorfied that they are basing a new series off it, but… I love Claudia and I love ghosty things, so I guess I will reserve judgement until whenever Nine chooses to show it to us.

  3. Hang on – she created it, it’s based on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir – which is it?
    Both? Neither? I agree with Gemma – Karvan’s a fine actress but no way she’s a showrunner.

  4. if they make it as a sitcom like the 1968 version was then i’m sure it will be a smash hit. i love sitcoms like friends, will and grace, fraiser and we have hardly any more in australia. well no good onces since mother and sin and kingswood country.

    why don’t we bring shows like those back? i love the sitcoms and australian sitcoms used to be sooooooo good. see how well kath and kim australia is doing. we need sitcom shows with the (dare i say it) canned laughter in it like mother and son.

  5. All stations copy successful formulas ..7 did it with You May Be Right,Surf Patrol and soon Sunday Night *shudders* makes sense to. And it might not get the ratings but it wouldn’t be hard for it to be a better show..PTTR is cliched and derivative. It’s saving grace is the inclusion of the wonderful Michael Caton..

  6. Claudia Carvan’s a briliant actress, no doubt…but is she really a ‘show runner.’

    Also, I’d hardly call Packed to the Rafters a ‘quirky dramedy’ – people please! It’s as bland as bland can be…

  7. so what was the reason that they stopped production of young doctors. i thought it was because they had their hands full with drama. i was looking foreward to an australian greys anatomy.

    i will give this one a go, but the other one, rescue squad, why?
    as if we need another crime show. rush, city homicide, underbelly, and the strip are enough.
    i know we already have all saints, but i thought there would be room for 2 if doctors took a different tone.

    bring it back 9.

    and yes jerome they’ve obviously clicked into the fact that quirky dramedys work after PTTR. it was only a matter of time before they made their own, like missing pieces=FMF, animal emergency=RSPCA, rescue squad=rush, deadly surf=bondi, i doubt anything will get the ratings that rafters did, but spirit sounds like a good show.

  8. And now we wait for Nine to tell us when they will show it.
    Then being loyal viewers we wait in anticipation for actual airdate, then Nine change minds and decide it is not a Nine shw and sell it to foxtel or even worse we get 2 eps, then rescheduled to 1-30am Sunday night.

  9. Jerome if it’s based on the ghost & mrs muir it won’t be a cop show trust me 🙂 I watched repeats of this show in the 90’s and loved it.

    Sounds like it will be a quirky dramedy..

  10. lets just hope its steers far for a cop/crime drama. Claudia carvan would suggest that it will be a character based happy show. mostly to profit from rafters sucess

  11. She could spend the entire hour in a paper sack, reciting the alphabet backwards and make it brilliant. I love her….

    Looking forward to this. Cograts to Nine for trying something different.

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