Nine switches Fringe episodes

Nine is meddling with the order of Fringe episodes. Where's episode #7 please?

Update: Ep 7 now confirmed for December 22.

Disappointing to see Channel Nine meddling with the order of Fringe episodes.

Nine aired #6 this week with #8 to air next week and #9 the week after (December 15).

Episode #7 “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones” (pictured) remains unscheduled.

The series has already been knocked around by Nine, dropped off air after a few weeks of screening.

Is it any wonder fans view this kind of treatment with scepticism?

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  1. Wow didn’t even notice that, oh hang on that’s because I got them from “channel BT”
    Once Nine decided to remove it I have been happily downloading and watching,
    Who cares about Channel 9.

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