Nine’s “first quarter” in ’09

Underbelly, Crusoe, For Richer for Poorer, Wipeout Australia, Sea Patrol, and Ladette to Lady will be coming sooner rather than later on Nine.

Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Wipeout Australia, Aussie Ladette to Lady, Sea Patrol, Flashpoint, Crusoe (pictured) and Local Heroes are some of the shows Nine intends to air in the ‘first quarter’ of 2009.

Also due early in the new television year are the Jules Lund-hosted For Richer For Poorer, which seeks to find the perfectly wedded couple. Amongst the contestants on this show are a gay male couple.

What’s Good For You is back, now with new host Dr Andrew Rochford (The Waiting Room).

Also in the first quarter Nine will also screen the US version of Who Do You Think You Are?, Secret Millionaire (an Aussie version is due), and Bert Newton hosting both When I Grow Up and 20 to 1. Others due soon include Farmer Wants a Wife, Domestic Blitz, The Mentalist, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Crime Investigation Australia, CSI, CSI: NY, Without a Trace and Cold Case.

And there is still more Two and a Half Men coming in the first quarter, meaning Home Run, Nine’s new 7pm reality show is unlikely to launch before April.

Other shows expected after April will likely include Eleventh Hour, Singing Bee, RPA, Little Britain, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Trouble in Paradise, The Unusuals, Seven Deadly Sins, Missing Pieces, CSI: Miami, Rescue Squad, Toasted & Roasted, Hell’s Kitchen, The Gift, Animal Emergency, Random Acts of Kindness and Missing Persons Unit.

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  1. when i grow up will be a smash hit people. bert newton at his best, he is a star no doubt. those 2 cute interviewers bert1 and best2 are future stars with their ad lib interviewing style.
    i saw the pilot and laughed so hard, it is platinum family entertainment. channel 9 can keep their usa cop shows tho. only hope when i grow up gets a 730 time slot that it deserves.

  2. Leading the ratings push for 09, Bert Newton and Steve Liebmann …. Good luck with that !! Ch-9 appears to be lost in some sort of sick time warp!!

  3. What a load of garbage! Did 9 not learn from 2008?

    A couple of shows have sparked my interest but I have no faith in 9 showing them for too long.

    I wish there were more rules when it comes to TV programming. These networks get away with everything.

  4. Zambora, I thought Monster House was one of the worst shows that i have ever seen and i didnt even take a look at Hole in the Wall. Although, i still think that 9 has a lot more variety and a lot more to offer in their schedule this year than last year. And yes whilst i do like what 9 has to offer that does not mean that i am all for 9. I can not comment on what the other networks have to offer at the moment as they haven’t realeased their line-ups yet.

  5. Underbelly 2. That’s it.

    Kevin (your position at ch 9 is?): How can shows like Wipeout Australia, Aussie Ladette to Lady, The Farmer Wants a Wife III, Home Run be “Competitions / Game Shows / Reality” – they are all reality apart from wipe out. Where are real game shows like Temptation which you can participate in by anwering questions, thinking, etc. What do any of these shows on here do for you? (Trying really hard not to insult anyone here, I know we are all entitled to our own opinions!).

    And as for the comedies? Just tell me what I am supposed to laugh at… probably ch 9 itself.

  6. i was thinking exactly the same about knoxoverstreet.
    i used to make an effort to be network neutral on this site. but ch9 is getting very hard to like, and hard to defend i guess thats why the fake knoxoverstreets will stick out like a sore thumb.

    i think that everyone should use this site to give their genuine opinions, not as a promoting machine. otherwise their view has no credibility.

    i doubt anyone will ever be able to say and mean “9 is the one for diversity.” i too will not be convinced unless i see change

  7. I understand that some people can support networks that have shows that they like, but when people like knoxoverstreet push 9 propaganda like ‘gyngell is the man’ and ‘i can never fault channel nine’ etc with no logic behind them, motivations get questioned.

  8. Touche lee123.
    strange how ‘knoxoverstreet disappears and 3 newbies all post pro Nine stuff with no mention of Ramsay,Bert & 2and half men overlaod pus the shuffle programming of last year – Damages,Fringe,Canal Road,McLeods Daughter
    Gerrard,Billy and Kevin where were you when Nine kept chopping and changing throughout 08 ?
    BTW, were you the ones that liked Monster House & Hole in The Wall

  9. ok, so which one of you is knoxoverstreet with a new name? i can tell because you are just as much a spin doctor as gyngell.

    no one will ever be able to convince me that 9 has variety. in 2008 people said that there was no variety but monster house ect. bad as they were, atlest they were something new. this year is worse, the new shows look just as unpromising but they are “warmheart” clones of each other therefore even less variety than this time last year.

    the day that 9 has less than 4 or less cop shows (reasonable number)in their whole year then i might believe you, until then, sorry (that means they will probably have to drop 15.

  10. Wow! So many people have commented on this article. Channel Nine have also released promos of their 2009 line up on the internet. Just search ‘Choose 9 in 09.’ They’re pretty good!

    Choose Nine in 09!!

  11. I disagree about Big Bang Theory being unfunny, but definitely ‘Til Death. The first season was at least watchable, but somehow i managed to watch the entire second season, and it was so bad, except for the rare few episodes, but they were far and few.

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