Nine’s Secret Millionaire

Here's a show with a millionaire giving away thousands of dollars to communities. But what other Nine shows may not be returning?

In Nine’s 2008 ratings report it indicated some of the shows that are due next year. While most are already known to us there were two new titles:

Secret Millionaire and Little Britain.

Secret Millionaire is a British format in which millionaires give away tens of thousand of their own money after spending time living in a community where no one knows that they are wealthy. A US version also begins this week on FOX.

At this stage it’s unclear if Nine airs an international or local version -presumably, it wouldn’t involve a Packer….

As to Little Britain, these are likely to be repeats (to be confirmed) given Matt Lucas and David Walliams are now only interested in Little Britain USA. The US-filmed series will air first on Showcase before a screening later on TEN.

Nine also confirmed return series for Domestic Blitz, The Farmer Wants A Wife, What’s Good For You, Sea Patrol, 60 Minutes, The Mentalist, 20 To 1, Two and a Half Men, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, CSI: New York, Crime Investigation Australia, The Gift, CSI: Miami, Without a Trace and Celebrity Singing Bee.

More titles are yet to be announced.

Absent from the list were The Chopping Block (is tonight its last ever episode…the creators are now focussed on Home Run), Battlefronts, Search and Rescue, Animal Emergency, Fire 000, Hole in the Wall, Temptation and This is Your Life (believed to be returning).

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  1. I want to help as many homeless,abused & lonely people in Australia and New Zealand as I possibly can. I know that it’s easy to turn on the TV or read a newspaper article,and comment on how unfortunate the individual or families situation may be,and leave it at that. We need to care for one another a lot more than we do.
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  2. Hi just wanting to say that there are worst people off than us living in africa and other places over the world
    We are a lucky country people just do not want to work and lives in the street
    We have alot of help of Salvos and other charity l do belive if you ask for him you will receive it
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  3. Dear the secret millionare, my names emma and im 16. I live with my foster mum who is the most amazing lady on the planet. She has fostered for years now and never does anyone acknowledge how wonderful she is. She strives her hardest too buy her kids in care the things they want and need but she doesn’t always have enough money to do things she wants too. She hasn’t had a good holiday in a long time and has been saving for years I would love if she could have sometime out too relax without worrying about money and other things. It would be wonderful if you could help her out, I love her so much and just hope you can help her out somehow thank you heaps emma.

  4. Personally, i think it is wrong to find these sights and ask the millionaires for help. Millionaires arent superheros and cant help everyone. Act as though you never saw the show. Eventually good things happen to good people and your time will come!!!! The people who deserve it are the people who dont expect it.

  5. hi my name is kylie i am a single mother of two i am doing it really hard trying to support my two children an o single parent pension and i have fallen really behind in my rent as i can not afford to pay it and support them to, i have no one else to help me out, i was wondering if the secret millionaire could come to queanbeyan NSW and help out the single mother.. please contact me

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  7. Another few to add to the list David, Missing Persons Unit, RPA and Royal Flying Doctors Services haven’t been annouced to return yet.

    Considering Animal Emergency has just been bought in the UK, you would think Nine will do another series.

  8. surpised to see Search and Rescue, Animal Emergency, Fire 000 go. i was under the impression that they were doing ok especially search and rescue.

    i think 9 should give up on factuals and stay pure, but i guess its too late with missing pieces, whats good for you, and those other ones that i can’t remember. ch7 seems to be the only one that can get them right (xept bondi).

  9. the UK secret millionaire was really compelling viewing, I reckon if nine found a decent timeslot it will do well, with all the doom and gloom around at the moment, audiences may well be up for something heart warming like that!!

    As for Little Britain, If its repeats of the UK ones then I think anyone that is interested will either have watched it on ABC or own the DVD’s…could be decent saturday night filler for nine though I guess, personally I cant stand it and fail to see the attraction at all!

  10. Great to see Celebrity Singing Bee returning it’s great light entertainment. Interesting that WGFY is coming back ,will be perfect for the monday 7.30 slot.

    Nine also have a couple more interesting overseas shows..Flashpoint a Canadian show & The Eleventh Hour which is doing well in the states.

  11. I saw the UK series of Secret Millionaire on Foxtel. It is okay, but not strong enough to stay in primetime on FTA, especially Channel Nine. Little Britain USA was not as good as the original, but worth a look.

    I suspect that any Little Britain fan has already seen the UK episodes to many times from ABC1 and UKTV repeats, and also on DVD and Downloads. I suspect these repeats on Nine wont last, like Will and Grace and Sex and the City on TEN.

    The Chopping Block is good, but like all formats it tends to get old and repetative each week. At least Nine had the sense to drop it. Unlike Ten with BB and Idol.

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