Oz stars take to NBC Dance

NBC’s Superstars of Dance takes to the floor Sunday night (Monday) in the US, with Australia as one of eight countries to compete.

Each country will be represented by two solo dancers, one duo, and one larger dance group. Included in the Australian entry is So You Think You Can Dance/ Dancing with the Stars‘ Henry Byalikov and Australian Dance Theatre.

Australia’s entry will include “Jason Gilkison as coach, Kelley Abbey as judge, a tap dance soloist, a contemporary dancer soloist, a Latin ballroom duo and a contemporary dance group.” No Tap Dogs…??

Produced by Nigel Lythgoe, each national team will show off unique dance genres from their countries. Australia’s entry will have to compete with Irish “step dancing”, Indian “Bollywood” dancers, Russian “Cossack” dancers and Shaolin-style dance from China.

The show is hosted by Michael Flatley and Susie Castillo.

It’s surprising this hasn’t yet been slated here. How well we perform will probably be news and YouTubed by Tuesday next week. Like World Idol a few years ago, we need to be seeing this as it happens….could it be considered too much of a support act for So You Think You Can Dance?


  1. The chick in that image is hawt!1 Who is that??

    On topic, I agree that this show should be aired here right away. It’d be a good hit for any of the networks. Who has the rights??

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