Pay TV comedy heading to ABC

Writer / Perform Rob Carlton was thankful to have made it to the AFI‘s, having just completed work on his second series of Chandon Pictures.

The series made for Movie Extra is due to get an airing on the ABC. The first episode featuring the struggling video production company kicks off with a seemingly standard wedding video, until everyone realises something more is afoot.

“Episode one, is about cousins getting married!” laughs Carlton. “People kind of faint in shock and horror. And then somewhere, deep inside of them they know that if the world wasn’t watching they would have kissed a cousin. And those that swear black and blue that they wouldn’t kiss a cousin, generally just have ugly cousins!

Carlton expects the rest of the country to warm to the comedy, which was nominated for an AFI, as those who watched it on Movie Extra. Carlton says they’ve also had some success overseas.

“We sold the format, through Lionsgate we’re developing an American version of the show. We just wrapped on a second series yesterday, so if I’m looking slightly tired it’s not because I’m sleepy but because I’m as calm and relaxed as I’ve been in about three months,” he said.

The second series shot in HD is expected to air on Movie Extra in April.


  1. Hi There Reubot, Barry and Rob,

    Thanks for your interest in my show. I appreciate it.
    ABC series 1 goes on Jan 21st at 9.05pm.
    Series 2 HD (which looks awesome compared to Standard Def by the way and our DOP Kim Batterham, you should check out his credits, was a master, so i hope you like the new look of the show) will air on Movie Extra March 18th (The wednesday following the end of Series 1 on ABC.)

    Hope you’re all having a good chrissy break. We’ve got 2 weeks off editing series 2 so we’re loving the break.

    Take it easy,
    Rob Carlton

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