Random Acts Of Karl

Karl Stefanovic will host one of Nine’s new 2009 shows, Random Acts Of Kindness next year, described as “heart-warming and feel-good, making dreams come true for deserving Australians.”

The show, one of several ‘uplifting’ shows Nine plans for the year, will also feature Scott Cam.

CEO David Gyngell has plans up his sleeve to use the Today show team in various projects.

“Gyngell has got a bunch of new shows he is throwing out there at the moment,” Stefanovic says.

“So don’t be surprised to see more of the Today show team in various roles for the network, which is good for whatever show that is and the Today show.”

But it could also lead to over-exposure. 

Seven has already learned the hard way that having David Koch and Melissa Doyle front every second show is not necessarily good for business. It’s a fine line between cross promotion and overdoing things, especially for personalities who already appear across most of the television year.

Source: news.com.au


  1. Georgia Gourley

    Absolutely brilliant show. Should be more shows like this showing all the good that’s in the world instead of focusing always on the worst!! Well done xxx

  2. I can’t wait for this show! It’s time to stop being so negative and look at the incredible impact this show has had on individual’s lives. I know one of the people who have been transformed by this show and it is a credit to Channel 9 and all those involved. Come on guys, give them a break!

  3. Yes, we did. We were all like afterwards…so… this is how tv works.
    btw i found out the presenter who came to our school was Jules Lund from Getaway
    yes the one who accidently called our guest the name of her guide dog.

  4. To all people who made a negitve comment regarding this new show about the spirit that makes Australia what it is , that is everyday people making a change in other peoples lives for no self gain but just a sense of helping someone that needs a hand from who knows where or what country.When i see people notized for something they love to do ” I feel proud to be an Australian “and all you negative people out there should get a life , i would much prefere my children watch programs such as this than all the other crape on TV promoting the down falls that pulled down other nations with violance , sex , and all the rest of the mindless , heartless crap that the negitive people who made stupid comments must seem to watch and live there lives by. I do feel sorry for people who have such a sad life.

  5. one of the people who’s going to appear on the show came to my school. She was very sweet and caring-not telling anyone anymore…don’t want to spoil anything!!!
    channel 9 suprised her suddenly halfway through her appearance…she’s blind you see…she didn’t see people filming right in front of her
    anyway…the point is…they full on had us to fake laugh for 10 min and clap after we finished filming
    Me and my friends were coughing *ratings* the entire time
    You might want to know that the presenter accidently called her by the name of her dog.

  6. I know some people who have been filmed for this show. They have “milked” their so-called kind spirited nature for all they can, and here is more with this show. However, remember, all is not always as it seems behind closed doors.

  7. Hello everyone,

    I have been personally involved in the “Random Acts” series as part of the painting crew(Sunshine Coast Qld),the film,production and coordinating team are very professional,they devote their time and energy into doing some very fine work,and for this i feel privileged to have been part of it, say what you will about them but until your
    effort matches theirs then there is no place for judgment.



  8. I would just like to say, a friend of mine has just had his life turned around by the wonderful people who are behind this whole show, i have to say some of you people out there saying these people are rude and the show will be a mess, you dont know what you are talking about. I spent two days with this crew and they are the most kindest,loving,hard working and genorous people i have met. The things these people are doing for our towns and the people that work hard with our community are just unforgettable, for so much work put in for this show and the people involved, they all deserve a great amount of gratatude. I would like to say a big congratz to the crew behind this show, you are all hard workers with hearts of gold.

  9. man u guys r so rude and harsh! It’s really sad if all you can do is sit at your computer and whinge and insult people!
    An ep of this show just filmed locally and what they did for those involved (and the community) was so amazing and beautiful – good on ch9! keep up the great work!

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