Rove to host American special

Rove McManus is to host a primetime one-off special in the US on the ABC Network, looking back at 2008.

Rove McManus is to host a primetime one-off special in the US on the ABC Network, looking back at the 2008 year in all its glory.

ABC’s The List promises to take viewers on a funny, informative and provocative countdown through everything that’s happening in the world of entertainment and pop culture. That almost sounds 20 to 1 McManus-style.

The news follows on-going interest in Rove’s hosting skills, with his name once thrown in the ring by Variety for talk show gigs. He recently made another appearance on Leno’s NBC show.

The special will air Tuesday, December 23 at 10pm.

Source: AHN

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  1. Rove is not funny. He owes much of his popularity and success to the people who work for him – especially Peter Helliar. But after his flop, it seems now that he won’t be able to achieve his lifelong dream of being American.

  2. I’ve always questioned America’s sense of humour when they keep releasing dribble like Two and a Half Men but hiring Rove just goes to show that they’re really desperate. It’s bad enough seeing him on his own show (how on earth did he get one in the first place) but if he keeps going to America to host these shows then he’ll eventually stay there permanently and we’ll still have to see him.

    Really, how does this guy stay on the air?

  3. Excellent news! Makes me proud to be one of the 18 people who watched rove on 9 in 99, his stints on Leno have been popular but Leno is on NBC…. …
    which is even better if ABC contacted him, and after pushing ‘daisies’ out the door recently I was one who had turned on them too (even tho i watch lost haha) but now this news makes me like them again!
    Good on him, he deserves it.

  4. That is really strange. I wonder how it worked out. Many people will watch wondering why someone from Australia they’ve probably never heard of or seen is hosting. Hopefully we get to see it in Australia somehow.

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