Survivor: Fans v Finales

Nine plays what is the official finale of Survivor: Micronesia at 10:30pm Monday December 15.

As anyone who has been watching the “Fans v Favourites” series knows, it’s been a great season.

The finale is a two hour double episode.

But fans also know that it isn’t until the Reunion episode that the winner of the series is actually declared.

Sadly, that will be another night later, at 11:00pm on Tuesday December 16.

Oh well, it should be worth the wait, especially if you’ve avoided internet spoilers so far.

Nine is expected to procceed with Survivor: Gabon a week later. To be confimed.


  1. Glad to see Gabon will air soon. Its had bad reviews but I have enjoyed it so far (through downloads).

    And Mac, Yes.. a season set in Antartica would be hilarious, however I wonder what sort of challenges there would be? Haha.

  2. How gold was Micronesia! Sadly, Gabon falls some way short in comparison, though last week’s episode with the ‘duping’ at Tribal was absolutely priceless.

    Anyone else want a Survivor: Arctica?

  3. Last season was China (S15) which was scheduled from 7:30-10:30. Fiji (S14) was the season that got shafted, but amongst Survivor fans, it was the worst season in the entire series so perhaps that wasn’t such a bad idea…

    Micronesia on the other hand is one of the best

  4. I think it was the season before last that aired so late, the season that featured Yoman. The previous season was shown at a more reasonable hour on Saturday nights last summer, that was the one with the Tuck shop lady with the bogan haircut that lied.

  5. Even though the eps aired in the States in a 3 hour block, they were technically listed as 2 separate shows…as were the torrents I believe many moons ago. I figure Nine didn’t want the reunion to air in the very early morning like last season?

  6. It could be worse…last season, Nine screened the finale/reunion in a 3 hr block from 11.30pm-2.30am! Would we prefer it went from 10.30pm-1.30am? Either way, it will be recorded and watched at a more reasonable viewing time. Until Nine rewards Survivor’s loyal fans (16 seasons over 8 yrs), with a regular earlier time slot, we’re just going to have to deal with the lack of respect we’re shown the best we can – and consider ourselves lucky that we even get to see it at all in today’s TV climate of bump or axe. So, we’ll record the 2 hr finale Mon night and watch it Tues night right before the reunion. We’ve waited patiently for 6 mths to see it, avoided spoilers like the plague…I guess one more night won’t hurt. Ah, remember the season we watched on a Fri night at 7.30pm, a mere 6 hrs after it aired in the US. Those were the days.

  7. That’s silly splitting up the Finale & the Reunion but I guess it’d run too long if they kept it all together.

    Fingers crossed Gabon does follow because it’s still going in the US so we won’t be too far behind!

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