Survivor voted out from Nine?

Survivor: Gabon has been promised by Nine for summer but it won’t be following Survivor: Micronesia.

It would have been the logical place for the show to appear, but Nine will return unaired episodes of Monster House on Monday December 29 and movies on Tuesday December 30.

A week later it’s more of the same.

Any hope that it might be moving to 9HD, given the series is filmed in high definition for the first time, also seems premature.

And while we’re on the subject of Jeff Probst, has he ever done a photo shoot where he doesn’t look exactly the same as the last one?


  1. I’ve just finished watching Survivor Gabon and it is such a great season with so many twists! I cant believe channel 9 isnt showing it yet. If anyone is interested, the 18th season of Survivor will be called Survivor Tocantins: The Brazilian Highlands. It will premiere in the US on February 12th, 2009. I cant wait!

    PS: Also, for all you Amazing Race fans, the 14th season of The Amazing Race will premiere in the US on February 15th, 2009.

  2. Farrrrr out Channel Nine. I swear if they stop showing survivor…..Australians love the show, c’mon it’d do them alot better than showing repeats of monster house or some year old repeats of shows. Whats there problem ?

  3. this year survivor was fantastic & nine wasted it with late nights… look at all these comments… every series should be screened ASAP and at 930pm or earlier

  4. I agree I am sick of having to wait so long for the US version to come here. All the tech savvies fans have already seen it.

    Fans V Favourites which was dumped in the 10.30pm timeslot was the best season ever for blindsides plot twists, and characters. Why didn’t Channel 9 have some guts and put it on at a new time to try and garner a whole new generation of survivor fans.

    As Jess said Gabon has finished this week in the US, so it is difficult internet surfing and avoiding who won.

  5. They can’t seriously think Monster House will do better than Survivor? Its been rating well, considering the poor timeslot.
    I think maybe there should’ve been a break for a week (eg, Monster House), and then start Gabon the week after.

    Gabon has been a fabulous season. I think it’d do well in a 7.30, 8.30 timeslot.

    Agree with Vman, a tree could probably even run it better.
    Also agree with Laurence, They should fast-track Season 18, Survivor: Tocantins. It premieres in the US, Feb 12th ’09.

  6. Monster House – Oh my gosh… I need to find a brick wall to bang my head against quickly… Watching a test pattern is more funny then that show.

    Nine if you need to show another episode of “Two and a Half Men” instead of Monster House you have my permission!

  7. Looking through the Foxtel EPG, I notice that The Moment Of Truth is now scheduled to air Mondays 10:30pm instead of Monster House. Probably a similar audience and I would prefer TMOT anyway!

  8. can someone explain to me what happened with the last episode of survivor last night. I mean I tuned in at the right time and whats on the reunion episode !!!! what the ? what happened to the last episode??????

  9. I was so excited to learn we were going to get Gabon straight after.

    But alas, no. ch 9 s getting as bad as ch 7.

    Don’t put on HD. I can never watch HD when I want to.

  10. Monster House?!?! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…
    Meanwhile, I am loving Survivor Gabon and not watching a second of anything on Channel 9 at the moment, go figure

  11. That just doesn’t make sense, considering Survivor has been doing well in its timeslot. This Tuesday it got 406,000 viewers even though it didn’t start until after 11:00!

  12. if i were ch9 i would forget about gabon for the moment. fasttrack season 18. and bring gabon to HD-only sometime in the future. its the only way aus can get back on track with america. its not like they have a perfect reputation to spoil. from memory season 3, marqueses was never aired.

    after micronesia, gabon is quite mediocre, but still good. i’s say the #1 priority is fasttracking, not gabon. all these back-to-back seasons will wear thin on the ratings.

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