TEN pilot leaked on YouTube?

Footage of a new pilot comedy show starring Tom Gleeson and Heath Franklin appears to have been leaked online.

Clips from This Week in Shorts show comedians Gleeson and Franklin discussing recent news topics from behind a desk, interspersed with recorded clips and guests including Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, Andrew Bolt and Dan Illic (The Ronnie Johns Half Hour).

A small studio audience adds a ‘live’ feel to the comedy show, believed to be in the works for Network TEN.

Gleeson and Franklin take aim at the film Australia, Gordon Ramsay’s affair, gay marriage, Ben Cousins, George Bush, and QANTAS -with Gleeson whacking the airline dressed up as a pinata.

There are five clips of the pilot on YouTube


  1. Wow I thought this was quite funny actually – as long as it doesn’t compete with Good News Week or take over its spot etc, then i’d love to see what they do with the show once they get more comfortable, because I loved their interaction together. Really well done for a pilot 🙂


  2. Channel Ten, bring back Ronnie John’s and put it on at 10:30/11:00 Sunday nights if you want Australian comedy which will perform reasonably well in its timeslot! This show isn’t even half as good, and there is no doubt that will be reflected in the ratings.

    And why is it that almost all good Aussie comedies end up on the ABC? Is it that the commercial networks simply cannot pick a hit, or are they willing to pay even less money for local content than the supposedly underfunded public broadcaster?

  3. That was awesome – it’s about time we see some more Australian comedy on our screens! Heath Franklin and Tom Gleeson are a great duo. Buy this show channel 10, we want more!

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