Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf & Death

Just 30 mins long, but quite simply one of the funniest things on the box all year. Don’t miss it. 8:30pm Wednesday on ABC1.

  • NEWStopia
  • ER
  • Gossip Girl
  • Victoria’s Empire
  • An Aussie Goes Calypso


  1. Thank God I remembered to watch this just in time. 😀

    It was a no-brainer, but it was extremely entertaining from start to finish, and I couldn’t get over just how beautiful the animation was. 😀

  2. wow – this hasn’t aired int he UK yet? I saw the promo for it yesterday and was wondering why I hadn’t heard of it yet. Good poach abc! Wallace and Gromit rock!

  3. Excellent night of TV tonight.

    Just last night I’ve found out about the Wallace & Gromit short film (which I will be tuning into) followed an hour later by another painful season finale of Newstopia *sobs*. After that, I might watch Out of the Blue.

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