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David Gyngell says Nine’s 2009 plans for warm-hearted television are based on the gloom and doom surrounding us.

“For so many years finance has dictated so much of what people think about themselves and others,” Mr Gyngell said.

“But there’s been a substantial sea change in recent times as the economy gets tougher and viewers look for some comfort.

“I think what people increasingly relate to are their communities and you don’t have to be a millionaire to be doing good things.”

In 2008 Domestic Blitz has been an unabashed hit for the network, managing between 1.4m – 1.6m viewers. So there are more shows coming to reward local heroes, battlers and ordinary folk.

Yet ironically Nine has been consciously skewing its audience younger with each passing year. Many of the new shows sound family-driven, like Nine’s established audience.

One of the shows Nine is believed to have been developing was a local version of Opportunity Knocks, the Ashton Kutcher-produced game show which sees a TV crew knock on the door of an unsuspecting family who then participate in questions about members of the family. But it died after just three episodes so Nine has back-tracked on the idea.

Might have been a good show for Eddie…..

Source: West Australian


  1. grinspoon, good point about pushing daisies

    u’d think that “warmhearted” tv would mean that they wont be playing 3xcrime dramas every day and pushing daisies would be the perfect replacement. so why are they looking to get rid of PD???

    i always thought that PD was an odd purchase for 9 they usually stick to (sucessful) american crime only. 7 is usually the one that buys (mainly american ABC’s) often less sucessful but “different” shows. betty, heroes, lost, greys, bro& sis, housewives, eli, ghost, bones, whisperer ect. just relised that if they want to do warmhearted it’ll be hard to get there through american shows as most of them are locked in 7 ie. betty, bones, Bro&sis, greys, eli. and most of all; 7 has the ultimate “warmheart” PTTR.

  2. Ugh, it looks like I’ll be watching less of 9 than I do already. These shows are the most idiotic pieces of crap I’ve ever seen. I want scripted shows. But, I guess they’re too expensive to air, which is why we’re always stuck with crap.

  3. I find it amazing that they are trying to ‘win back’ the audience that left them with ‘feelgood shows’ etc, yet they won’t even try to fix the fundamental reasons why their audience is leaving, and they know exactly what that is and i won’t repeat myself here.

    It’s like a department store stocking new items that people want but the staff are rude and the store is a mess. Yet a competitor (not referring to 7 or 10) has friendly staff, tidy store and the same new items at the same price. Which one would they shop at? Is that clear channel nine? Obviously not, but that’s as dumb as i can break down the message down for them, yet they still don’t get it.

  4. Im confused, so warn hearted reality shows, that give people false hopes, heys i could win a new couch on tv???

    Or as in warm hearted positive, uplifting scripted shows…. and from the network which just shovelled off pushing daises before they aired it?? An extremely well written, well made show that was genuinely heart warming?

    I would talk the warm hearted away from the crime, gloom and doom sort of shows which dominate drama shows on tv.. but ditching Pushing Daises does not compute with that. More reality TV, when there is such quality tv shows out there these days, is not the answer for being genuinely delivering something heart warming.
    Reality shows are disposable, especially the mutually exclusive episode ones. Scripted shows with heart and good characters stick with you, and truly can warm your heart.

  5. Is that Nine’s new slogan “warm hearted TV”
    Wonders when we get new cheesy network slogan promotion ..Dec 28th ?
    Nine = home of 2 and half men and Ramsay only
    Ten = No BB, No TGYH, No Hope
    Seven = Our boss says we are winners, so there !!

  6. You do realise that if there wasn’t a heap of sex scenes in Underbelly, it would’ve went unnoticed and put on the shelf. I’m saying that because, that most people have forgotten about great mini-series’ about criminal activity like ‘The Great Bookie Robbery’ and ‘Blue Murder’, plus others like ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Janus’.

    Nine should really, put more into local drama, and actually keep on it, or they’ll lose most of their audience. If they look at the kind of dramas and action shows America have, maybe they might have some kind of idea as to how they show do a show. Branch out to different genres, instead of the favourites, police dramas, hospital dramas, family dramas, etc.

  7. what ever happened to 7 owning opportunity knocks. i’m guessing the cancelled after 3 eps would have turned them off.

    i have seen an ep on youtube, it is a good concept and very insync with the television climate, but just did not grab me, was not entertaining at all. i would have axed it aswell. it may be the fact that we do not know the families at all, hard to relate, more of an introduction would be good (although there is a risk of boredom) or maybe a celeb version. the stefanivics?

  8. I don’t care how bad the economy is, I’m not watching any of this “heartwarming” crap.

    And there is nothing to be excited about, Channel 9. The other networks offer lighthearted entertainment as well.

  9. The Secret Millionaire did ok business for FOX (growing every half hour- averging 7.2 million for two hours) and it was believed it was watched by many people, due to the economic crisis the world is currently going through.

  10. warmhearted shows promised? as opposed to 2008s half hearted promises? you’re probably right craig, more reality, less scripted until the day they script the reality which… oh wait…. d’oh.

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