111 Hits to join Austar

Austar subscribers will be pleased to hear that 111 Hits is to join the channel line-up from March 1st.

Since the channel launched on November 1st regional viewers have been none too happy that they have missed out on the channel, which screens mostly “classic television” including Alf, Alias, Ally McBeal, Baywatch, Dharma & Greg, ER, Murphy Brown, Northern Exposure, Suddenly Susan, The Wonder Years, Veronica’s Closet and Without a Trace.

Viewers were particularly incensed over confusing promotions for the channel which led them to believe they would see the channel from November.

Last year a spokesperson from Austar told TV Tonight, “We get offers of hundreds of channels a year to put on the service. We have an existing channel line-up which we think is fantastic. But we have to be very careful what channels we put up because it’s all an incremental cost and this is a difficult climate for our customers.”

Austar will also add A-SPAN from January 20th.

According to Austar’s website it will show “live coverage of the Federal Parliament, Question Time (in NSW, Victorian and Queensland State Parliaments to begin with), plus comprehensive coverage of the inauguration of US Presdident-elect Barack Obama. A-SPAN will also provide comprehensive coverage of public events with major national importance, such as Anzac, Gallipoli and Australia Day services.”


  1. 16×9 – good to know with ER, Kig of Queens and other shows airing in that format.

    ITA I want the new BBC channels as well, also Discovery channel should be in 16×9 by now! I know it’s a satellite bandwidth issue but why aren’t all of them in 16×9 or HD?

  2. @craig it is 16:9 but depends on what you’re watching, later season of shows like The King of Queens and Malcolm in the Middle (my two fav 111 shows) are in 16:9 which is great. No doubt Will and Grace will be 16:9 when they get upto the HD filmed season.

  3. March? well thats better than nothing I guess.

    Anyone know if 111 is 16×9 or 4×3? I know a lot of the shows on there are ‘full screen’ but that can’t last forever.

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