24: Redemption, one more time.

Seven will repeat 24: Redemption later this month, an encouraging sign that it may be planning a timeslot for the newest adventures of Jack Bauer.

The two hour telemovie was designed as a stepping stone to the seventh season which just commenced in the US.

It will air at 11:00pm Saturday January 31st.

Before the new chapter of 24 comes to Seven, here is a two hour movie length prequel for the new season. After sacrificing everything for his country, Jack Bauer is wanted by the U.S. government and now stands to lose the only thing he has left: his freedom. Working as a missionary in Africa, Bauer is called upon to stop a ruthless warlord from drafting innocent children into his murderous militia. First, Bauer must confront his own torturous past and face an impossible decision that will change his life forever. A decision that will set the stage and raise the stakes. Starring KIEFER SUTHERLAND, ROBERT CARLYLE, GIL BELLOWS, JON VOIGHT, CARLOS BERNARD, CHERRY JONES, BOB GUNTON, COLM FEORE, ANNIE WERSCHING, JEFFREY NORDLING and RHYS COIRO.


  1. Neil, as the last few weeks have shown, ratings, and the attention networks pay to them, never stop. The only thing that starts up in February (or what has now been decreed as A.T. – After The Tennis) is the organ-size contest between the networks’ CEOs, as always at the expense of their viewers.

    It is a simple equation. You have multiple channels. I want to see 24 and not have it spoiled by internet forums. So show the damn thing. Not six, seven, eight episodes behind. Show it right now. What’s that, they won’t? Ah, well. Fortunately, the power is in my hands now. And I’m one of hundreds of thousands of viewers who are thinking the same way.

    Oh, and as for the nuclear bomb in season 6? I actually thought it was audacious and a brilliant surprise plot move, though one that they failed to capitalise on. The rest of the season was a bit of a fizzle by comparison. Not as much of a fizzle as Redemption, but still…

  2. Sporting events have a tendency of going over time and Redemption may actaully be on later than 11pm start, thus hoping people will stay and watch may not actually work from a ratings perspective

  3. I still have to see half of season 5 and all of season 6 before I start this season. I only started watching this show around May last year, I reckon season 3 was the best so far. S4 was a slight dip in quality coz it got a bit repetitive but S5 has been really good. It was surprising they offed so many major characters in S5 but its made for some good storylines. I’ve already downloaded the first 4 S7 eps along with the Redemption film. I’ll probably watch them all in a marathon later in the year 😀

  4. I don’t see the major issue of holding off until Feb considering ratings dont even begin until then anyway.

    Im not sure how 24 on a secondary channel Vs. the tennis would go, but im assuming that it would be a landslide in one direction…
    As much as I would like to see it, you’ve got to think about how viable it really is

  5. I’m on my way to getting the first 4 episodes but if a date is announce shortly I’ll stick with SEVEN to save my bandwidth for other shows ahm *united states of tara*

  6. The fact that the world has to stop for two weeks for The Tennis is a prime example of why real multichanneling is needed in this country.

    But since that’s not an option, I download. Not complaining, just reminding Seven and the other networks of the reality of things.

  7. I’ve already seen the first 4 eps and they are awesome, 24 back at it’s best in my opinion ;p I don’t mind waiting for it to air on 7 as I am loving all this tennis they’re showing ;p i just hope they don’t stash 24 away in a 10:30 timeslot :S

  8. To those of you complaining about why seven haven’t started showing it yet, would you rather they start, then stop while the tennis is on, then start again?

    I love 24 but Im pretty sure I can handle waiting until the first week of february.

  9. i’ve been waiting for news about the aussie release of 24 for ages.

    I got into 24 halfway through 2007, and have since watched all seasons, ironically im yet to have watched a season on tv.

  10. I like the series, but I really couldn’t get into this movie. Might give it one more go though, and after the Womens Final it could pull a reasonable audience.

  11. The repeat has been scheduled after the women’s singles final of the Australian Open tennis (which will be held at night for the very first time). Seven must be hoping people who watch the match on TV will stay around for the telemovie.

  12. I was gonna say, “Damn just after i saw it elsewhere because i realised i missed it whenever it was that 7 aired it”, then i saw the time, 11PM !!! looks to me like they just had 2 hours to fill and threw the first thing they could find in there. I’ve already started 24, since we are 4 episodes behind already and 7 is yet to inform us of a start date.

    Will they ever learn ?

  13. Meh, most fans of the show are already four episodes into the new season. By the time Seven gets its act together, they’ll be 6 or 7 episodes behind.

    So far, it’s a much more promising season than the last couple (and especially the disappointingly dull “Redemption”), too.

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