Airdate: 66th Golden Globe Awards

The 66th Golden Globe Awards will screen live to air at 12 midday on Monday January 12th on Arena. They will be repeated at 8:30pm that night again on Arena.

Presenters include Simon Baker, Drew Barrymore, Sacha Baron Cohen, Aaron Eckhart, Laurence Fishburne, Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Poehler Cameron Diaz, Jessica Lange, Chris Rock and Seth Rogen.

Glenn Close, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ricky Gervais are set to host.

Steven Spielberg will receive this year’s Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for his “outstanding contribution to the entertainment field.”

Last year the event was famously downgraded after the writer’s strike kept away the stars.

You can check out the television nominees here.


  1. Really a joke Golden Globes is not on free to air
    such a fuss made about equality yet if you don’t
    subscribe to foxtel you miss out!
    agree with John that if it was a sporting event
    here we would get to see it.

  2. so its free on american tv and free to air for all to see over there and everywhere else in the damn world excpet for here? wtf so sick of australians raping australians

  3. Pay TV is fine, but not at the expense of stealing (buying out) movies from free TV. That’s the lowest, apart from American TV logos on each screen. Yuk.

    A drongo took my movies – Foxtel

  4. What a joke. That sucks! I thought that Free to Air TV was trying to win us back from Pay TV? And here they are ignoring what would be a very high rated program. It’s a product of living in this country whose interest in the arts is minimal. Imagine if the AFL grand final was only on Pay TV. Think of the uproar!

  5. Hi

    You forgot to mention Shah Rukh Khan who would be one of the presenter of Golden Globe Awards. Shah Rukh Khan, is Bollywood’s biggest film star and recently named by Newsweek as one of the 50 most powerful people in the world.

  6. I dont know what your on about neon kitten, pay tv is a blessing for those of us who like to watch awards shows, to the best of my knowledge no US awards show had ever been screened live in this country before the precedent was set by Foxtek, dare I say also that if Foxtel didnt air almost every other awards show live, you wouldnt be getting the live broadcast of the Oscars on nine this year either!

  7. so its not on FTA?

    it was 10 that used to have this. yes?

    why did they give it up? i would have watched/recorded it even if they played it at 12:30 like they did with the emmy’s.

    oh well i will have to rely on trusty tvtonight to get the info. though it would have been more exciting on tv.

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