Airdate: Gavin & Stacey, Not Going Out

gavstaceySeven’s Saturday nights will be detouring to British comedy with the introduction of Gavin & Stacey and Not Going Out.

Not Going Out is a sitcom about a man who drifts from one ill-advised job to another, living off the goodwill and generosity of his landlady, a clean-living Californian. In the third episode Julia Morris plays a guest role. It premieres at 9:20pm Saturday February 14.

At 10pm Gavin & Stacey follows featuring Mathew Horne, currently seen in Roman’s Empire on ABC2, and Joanna Page as an Essex Boy and a Welsh girl who fell in love and got married. Only their life isn’t quite so simple – family and friends make sure of that.

The night will also have a repeat of The Vicar of Dibley at 8:40pm and a Carry On special at 10:40pm.


  1. Saw the first episodes of Not Going Out, and Gavin and Stacey, and loved them. What’s happening now? Ch7 has been showing old movies on Sat night since.

  2. They should add Outnumbered to that night instead of Vicar. Cracking show. Perhaps QI? That’s a night of fried gold.

    Gavin and Stacey is a great ensemble. G&S are the drama, everyone else the comedy.

  3. did a long review of Gavin and Stacey last week and had very divided opinion. I think it’s pretty good – a dramady more than a comedy but when it hits the jokes, it hits them hard.

  4. Thanks for the info David, its informative and well said. I’d love to be a “media commentator”, it’d be a really great and enjoyable career, and seeing as I’m studying media and communication/journalism this year I reckon I’m on a good path towards working towards something like this. Its cool how ppl moved to TV commentating after realising its where their passion lied after doing other things. You’ve had a great passion and followed through with it, creating a great site many ppl (like me) visit at least once every few hours. Good work mate.

  5. ramble away David you’re a great source of stuff. You’re definitely a site a visit at least once, sometimes three times a day (particularly if it is slow at work). As for Gavin and Stacey can’t recommend it highly enough as I was given the DVD for my birthday in July of the first season it is brill. Some of the funniest comedy writing I’ve had the pleasure of watching ever.
    Four stars

  6. Shame seven does not have some “local” content to air on the night, looks like british comedy works for them as last year saturday nite was full of old british comdeys. Saturday must be British night, at least America gets a break HE EHE

  7. Haha yeah its annoying. On topic, I watched Not Going Out on an airplane and it was a good show. Not on topic, did you study anything @ uni David to get your job and your connections?? I know I’m not likely to get a response as its a random question, but I’m beginning uni this year and am interested in knowing what your path was. You do a good job and it’d be a mad area to be employed

    • Yes I did in screenwriting, plus performing arts (see About page).

      There’s no set path or course for being any sort of ‘critic’ (I prefer ‘media commentator’). I remember Robert Fidgeon was a cartoonist first, Ross Warneke a reporter. A lot of my print colleagues started out as journos in other areas before moving across to television, but I wasn’t one of them.

      Mine is a bit more erratic, dotted by theatre, writing, community broadcasting, always with a passion for television and storytelling…. the blog was always meant to complement my other ventures but has now turned full circle as the driver. At the time we had messageboards but not much in the way of Aus TV blogs. Little did I know how big and busy this would become!

      The contacts have accrued through hard work, devotion, buiding up credibility through stories and asking questions, thankfully to the point that the site is now a forum for interview pieces, sourced by print media or reviews referenced in network ads. The net affords a lot of behind the scenes tips too, because people know I’m interested in the production sector and not just “which star is dating which star?” Last year I was tipped off about TEN dropping crew credits, broke the story and it was picked up by wider media. Same for a story on Out of the Blue, Swift & Shift Couriers etc… Best compliment I had recently was one very high profile exec who said “you’re the first site I log onto in the morning and the last one at night.”

      Ok I’m rambling now!

  8. Seven’s Saturday nights will be detouring to British comedy with the introduction of Gavin & Stacey and Gavin & Stacey.

    Shouldn’t that be Not Going Out and Gavin and Stacey??

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