Airdate: Lost: Destiny Calls

Finally some news for fans of Lost.

TV Tonight can confirm the series will return in a 10:30pm timeslot in the week of February 8th.

Prior to its launch Seven will screen a special, Lost: Destiny Calls.

This is a one hour clip special that searches for “answers to the unsolved mysteries of the island and it’s inhabitants (I thought the show itself did that?).

“Will the Oceanic 6 return to the island in order to save those left behind? Locating the island may prove even more difficult since Ben moved it. It’s not just a question of where it went… but when.”

It screens at the rather late time of 12:30am Mon Feb 2 (that’s a Sunday night for all you schoolies).

The special and a two hour season premiere airs in the US on January 21 (Thursday Aus time).


  1. Benno, I know that there’s no way the networks can win back my respect and viewership or probably anyone elses. Since I got a PS3, I’ve been enjoying downloaded shows so much and have been taping things off TV a lot less (the only thing I taped this week was Holby Blue). But I only download things that aren’t available on DVD yet.

    Ben Ben, I’m surprised they’re showing Private Practice at all. Considering what they did with it last time, I thought they’d stick it as a Summer show (I’m talking about next Summer).

    I have no faith that 7 will show Lost without taking it off.

  2. People deriding Lost for being a low rated show should realise that Seven can shoulder most of the blame for that for a) Shoving it to 9.30 in the northern states behind Heroes for the duration of the State of Origin season in 2007

    Keeping it at 9.30 behind the most woeful waste of money in the history of network television “Out of the Question”, nothing can come back from having that show as a lead in – if you put 60 Minutes on after Out of the Question I guarantee you 60 minutes would be cancelled in three weeks.

    Now granted there was some audience erosion due to the show’s own dithering in the first half of Season 3, but that trickle away of viewers turned into a flood once Glenn Robbins got involved. 🙁

  3. Sephiroth_FF, i certainly know about the pathetic download caps that ISPs (especially telstra) provide. Even the people who can’t download their favourite shows yet, as soon as they can, they will make no hesitation in bypassing the networks forever. That’s why no matter how well the networks treat shows from now on, i’m still not coming back. In short, they shouldn’t give people a reason to leave them, and they’ve provided too many to count.

  4. Scheduling Lost in the 10:30pm slot is dumb. I don’t think it’s going to last long. I’m amazed Prison Break last as long as it did at that time. I don’t think Lost will though. It didn’t rate well last season. What makes them think it’ll be like that this season? It could rate better. Why don’t they try it in an earlier slot first?

    Benno, the Aussie ISP’s are ridiculing us with the pathetic download limits they give us. This is supposed to be 2009 and everything is backward in this country. The networks know that not everyone will download and try to screw us as much as they can but it’s getting easier and easier to download TV shows so they better pull their socks up.

  5. I don’t classify 400-500k viewers in a 10.30pm slot as ‘sacrificing money’. The whole theory that they could put something else on and manipulate the timing which makes them **slightly** more money and viewers is what screwed up and is continuing to screw up Australian FTA TV. In this day and age, where spoilers are abound, they will have to learn that what the audience wants, it gets.

  6. I have a Foxtel iQ (non-HD) and a 2GB/month limit on my B-Band internet (so torrenting is out of the question). I never watch anything live (commercials just annoy me now). So long as a channel shows a program within a couple of weeks of it starting in the US (remember, they often go in into repeats in the US in March and April) I’m happy.

  7. jimmyboy, people are saying that 7 are being generous because they are sacrificing money and ratings putting on a low rating show when they could just as easily put a good rating show on which makes twice the ratings (and possibly money) and pushed lost to midnight.
    so for 10:30 we should be very thankful, but obviously it is not appreciated so it will probably go to midnight during next summer.

    and two weeks behind is very competitive, it will be the most fasttracked drama on australian television which is usually only a luxury for big raters.

    yes people have every right to download what they want, but if they’re not going to support the actual telecast they have no right to complain about the bad ratings and timeslot.

  8. Those of you thanking Seven for their generosity make me giggle. Seven makes money from advertisers, they are not a charity, they are not airing Lost out of the goodness of their hearts.
    Networks have to start adjusting to the current digital climate. Running two weeks behind isn’t being competitive with the few hours it takes to d/l a fresh episode off the net. This isn’t 1994 where getting a VHS tape off an American friend was the fastest way to watch your fave show.
    Some people can wait 2 weeks, others like myself are steeped in anticipation and want it ASAP. Nothing wrong with that, we support the show by buying the DVDs/BluRays when they’re released.
    And yes, good point about the OzTam peoplemeters, they are the folks who have an actual effect on the system.
    Less than 24 hours until Season 5 premiere!!

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