Airdate: SuperBowl XLIII

Network TEN is the Australian broadcaster of the Super Bowl this year, set to screen on Monday February 2nd.

Competing for the Arizona Cardinals is former Geelong AFL player Ben Graham -the first Australian to take part in a Super Bowl match.

The Arizona Cardinals are trying to break a 61 year championship drought, battling it out against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Performing at Super Bowl XLIII half-time show is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Journey will perform during the pre-game show, and Jennifer Hudson will sing The Star-Spangled Banner in her first public appearance since the tragic murder of her nephew, brother and mother.

Amended: A TEN spokesperson has confirmed TEN will screen the match at 10am in all markets on both TEN SD and in high-def on TEN HD. A replay will air on TEN HD at 8:30pm. TEN HD also confirms an NFL archive show Power and Glory- Best Shots at 9am.

An NBA match between Detroit v Cleveland screens live on TEN HD at 6am and is repeated at 11pm. Boston v LA Lakers airs live 12midday Fri Feb 6th and repeated 9:30pm.

(A previous query about the TEN HD screening was due to an HD amendment sent before a Guide was issued).


  1. “The NFL Pro Bowl (featuring players from both National and American Football Conferences of the league) will be shown on ESPN on Foxtel only.”

    ….According to the Advance guides on this site Ten HD will show the Pro Bowl from 10 am Monday morning Feb 9.

  2. This Really Sucks than Ten have chosen not to air the SuperBowl Live. I Hope they lose the rights to it next year. Typical of TV Programmers who really should be bagging groceries. SBS for the future of our sport.

  3. FFS, I have Foxtel but being its on ESPN it will be in 4:3 and to get the widescreen version I will have to watch the “live” coverage on Ten. Geez I am so sick of networks not changing for other states. You broadcast differently so why not change and give live coverage. Seven take note as well!

  4. Wow. Thanks Channel 10, for showing the Super Bowl “live at 10am in all markets”. And here I was thinking I was going to miss the start of 9AM With David and Kim because of those dastardly Americans scheduling the game to start at 9am Brisbane time, but now that I know that it will be “live at 10am in all markets” that takes a load off. Thanks again Channel 10.

  5. Its great that its on ten but the cenario with the time zone is really poor. hopefully when onehd starts they will show sports live in every capital city seeing how it is a sports channel. if they dont onehd will fail and it will discourage the other 2 commercial networks to launch their sports channels no question about it.

  6. BigfatAmerican

    Welcome to australia! I have found that you all get screwed over on 99% of things, so why not the superbowl as well? I am happy at least to get to see it, took me a while to learn that SBS showed it here, but have watched it since… 10 seemed to be okay for a tv station, and am glad they will be covering alot of american sports, but if they have made it so that this year by their not being ready to air it for everyone, they should also let sbs show it as well so everyone who wants to can watch… Makes sense to me, but as not much else does here, doesnt really surprise me… Way to go australia, never cease to make me shake my head in disgust/bewilderment…

  7. Ive watched every one of the games leading to the playoffs or as we call them: ‘finals’, but because we dont have daylight saving in QLand (hooray [note the lack of caps David *chuckle*]) it lags a bit which is a pain in the mitka when discussing the game on US NFL Forums, one has to log onto the NFL site to get an animation of where the game is at. grrrrrrrrrr!

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