Airdate: The Sarah Silverman Program

American comedian Sarah Silverman, who gained YouTube notoriety with her video parody ‘I’m F***ing Matt Damon’ is about to have her Sarah Silverman Program debut on the Comedy Channel.

Deliberately provocative and controversial her satirical comedy tackles social taboos including racism, sexism, and religion.

In the premiere series she goes on a cough-syrup-hallucination-fuelled car ride, takes in a homeless man to prove her humanitarianism, coaches a little girl through a child beauty pageant and, after having an unfortunate moment while trying to pass wind, has her prayers answered by God, with whom she has a one-night stand.

Sounds like a great night in!

It premieres 9pm Tuesday February 17.


  1. Great show!! Very funny.

    Australia is an ultra ultra conservative country so most likely the Sydney siders will have a whinge but this show is great, simple, wacky, and cute if one really takes it so seriously enough they find it offensive (im guessing some older members of the gay community might be a bit rattled, but they will get over it),

    I think once the generation that peaked through the 80s have been weeded out of our culture, then we will truly start to make some grounds in this country creatively. The older generations of Australians are just way to arrogant and self confident for the awful work they put out, they have zero insight! And completley miss the point with whats going on today and whos doing what.

    Second that Grinspoon!!! Been watching her for years, she has even toured here with stand up a few times, School Of Rock, Way of the Gun, found it strange that someone would say “gained youtube notoriety” after all she has been dating Jimmy Kimmel for years and they always have those kind of back and forth gags on his show. I guess thats just Aussie media, they just dont get it! They always miss the good stuff. 5 mins of research before posting could have fixed that 🙂 :p

  2. “gained YouTube notoriety with her video parody ‘I’m F***ing Matt Damon’”

    She’s been well known for way long than that, big movies, tv (even this series), hosting awards shows ect.

    Anyways this show is hilarious!
    Especially the gay neighbours storylines, they’re often the funniest storylines of the episodes, more so than Sarahs.

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