Airdate: Wipeout Australia

Nine has slated another “Sneak Peek” of a new programme, this time Wipeout Australia, to air 7:30pm Tuesday February 3rd.

It will be a full episode of the Aussie made production, filmed in Argentina.

Australian Human cannonball! Crashes, smashes and mud splashes! Twenty men and women from every state of Australia will compete in the worldโ€™s largest extreme obstacle course designed to provide the most spills, face plants and wipeouts ever seen on television. Hosted by James Brayshaw, Josh Lawson and Kelly Landry.

TV Tonight Review here.

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  1. I have heard that the Wipeout Australia sneak peek will be repeated on Friday, at around about 10pm, after the Aussie v Kiwi … uh… cricket match? My mother insisted on warching the Biggest loser (why?!) and I missed the 7:30 Tuesday episode, so maybe I’ll tune in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ^Hey Gerrard, I completely agree with you, I really do. The demographic-target for this show should attract a new audience at that timeslot.

    Oh and by the way I’ve been seeing you in some other posts, mainly because you keep shouting!! You should stop ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Maybe channel Nine filmed it in Argentina because it would have attracted more contestants. Afterall, if you apply and get chosen, you’ll get a free trip to Argentina.

    Either way, I’ll be watching the “sneak peek.” I think this will be the permanent timeslot as the U.S. version was aired at this time during its peak (before being moved to a Friday).

    I think it may have competition with RSPCA and Find My Family, but I agree that the audience is completely different. I mean, you don’t see teenagers watching Find My Family – they would watch Wipeout, and Channel nine are appealing to younger audiences these days.

    I don’t think channel nine will put Missing Pieces at the same time as Find My Family – it’s too risky.

  4. Pass The Remote

    Apologies to anyone over 40, but by young I meant 0-40yo.
    This will not get axed.
    Only problem with that definition is they had Fringe and HITW last year termed as sneak peaks in the ratings season. BTW It’s a Knock out was brillaint, alothough I gather if we saw rpts now it would come across as quite lame.
    Can Foxtel start running shows like this and The Henderson kids etc.

  5. Apparantly the stunt course cost in the millions to build.

    About 10 international versions are shot on the set in Argentina – including the US one.

  6. My reasoning for the episode being called a “sneak peak” is because it will air in non-ratings. The ratings season begins on February 8 I believe so Nine are giving away, so to speak, one episode. And good to see it in the proper timeslot of Tuesday 7:30. This will be a good show to preceed Rafters (if it returns that week).

  7. The sneak peaks for Fringe, although advertised in the guide, surprise surprise, never started on time. People probably tuned in just to watch the sneak peak and figured that if even the sneak peaks can’t start on time, how badly will nine treat yet another show, and didn’t bother.

  8. There is an evening element with loads of lighting, fire and assorted effects. Nine has done the show faithfully, there is an audience for it. It won’t be the biggest thing in Feb but I don’t see it getting chopped.

  9. i agree with people up there, this show is not very australian if its not even made in australia. i’m guessing that most of the cameramen and crew will be argentinian too, they should give aussies jobs.

    the whole wipeout zone and red balls would be very cheap to construct. no more expensive than shows like gladiators. there isn’t even an audience, and it’s outdoors so no money has to be spent on lighting and effects, which is usually the most expensive part of a set. but it is ch9 we can only expect them to do the cheapest things possible.

  10. @ Craig – I think it would’ve been a good idea to set up this on the Gold Coast – maybe utilise Dreamworld Studios – when not being used by the production crew it could become a theme park attraction – prehaps the insurance would be too high!!! But I love the show and I would love to have a go on this course, it would have been fun to be able to “play” without having to actually compete on the show.

  11. pass the remote, i realise they are very different shows i was just stating what happened in the ratings. wipeout had a few weeks in a row where it scored almost 1.5mil but all of the sudden dropped, which may be a coincedence, but it was the week the RSPCA started.

    in terms of demos, yes there is a good percentage of 55+’s in RSPCA and FMF but all 3 shows (including wipeout) all scored around 500-600k in 25-54, FMF was sometimes above 700k.

    lots of people are predicting this to be the first axe. i don’t think it will score very well but the season is quite short so it might last its run. unless it goes really bad then 9 will have to do something.

  12. Pass The Remote

    Yeah I don’t understand what sneak peak is exactly, probs just a marketing tool used to build expectation. Can somebody please explain this term to me?
    Have to disagree with you Jerome both shows are chasing a different audience.
    Nine will skew young Seven old.

  13. Tuesday 7:30, is that an idication of the timeslot it will take when the real season starts. if it is it’s not that smart because when RSPCA started during the US season wipeout’s ratings went from almost 1.5 to 1.0mil in just 2 weeks. and this year RSPCA has been confirmed to be in that timeslot from february, and this time its paired with find my family (2008’s 2nd best show) which will do some damage.

    i guess that is why 9 are trying to get a foot in with this sneak peak to try and secure a bit of an audience.

    but i’m not going to complain, if it bombs i will smile

  14. oh why are they persisting with this sneak peak rubbish it hasn’t worked for fringe, hole in the wall, or flashpoint. ch9 should be doing everything they didn’t do for those 3 shows if they want something to be a success.

    the sneak peak is usually the best rating part of the show so for all we know the sneak peak is just an early opportunity for people to decide not to watch it. instead of deciding that after the first episode.

  15. Why was this ‘local’ show filmed in Argentina, couldn’t they have re-built the set on say the Gold Coast and employ lots of locals?

    I won’t be watching unless there is nothing else on or I loose the remote LOL

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