Axed: Dirty Sexy Money?

Not so much the first axing of 09 as the last of 2008, Dirty Sexy Money has been cancelled after two seasons according to actor Blair Underwood.

Underwood, who plays Simon Elder on the ABC series, revealed that production on the programme has been halted.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’re not doing any more shows,” he told E! News. “ABC officially doesn’t want to use the C-word, cancelled, but we’re not on the schedule. I would pretty much say we’re cancelled.”

Earlier this month, co-star William Baldwin appealed to fans to help save the programme after ABC’s decision to drop Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies sparked fears of cancellation.

Seven is still airing second season episodes late on Tuesdays.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. Can’t understand TV stations that effectively drop a programme after one showing by consigning it to the graveyard hours. I enjoyed series 1 and was looking forward to series 2. Any chance it is on video or can bet got elsewhere?

  2. Elizabeth McGUIRE

    This show is fantastic,cant understand why it didnt have more viewers, It had many twists and turns on each episode, not just every few episodes. it had great actors and actresses, great storylines. Cant understand the american viewers why they think gossip girl, lost, heroes ect are good viewing. in the uk we have to put up with eastenders and coronation st each week with poor storylines and actors. it is such a shame to cancel this show and more should be done to save it.

  3. I simply cannot stand this! This is one of my absolute favourite shows at the moment! It’s not the type of show that should be cancelled so early on. I could see it going on for a lot longer. I would love it to go for as long as Dallas and Knot’s Landing but no TV show would reach a milestone like that these days.

    I was gutted when Moonlight was cancelled. I think it’s even worse this time. I want it to continue in some way or form. I can’t see this being the end for the Darlings.

  4. I’m pretty sure it was obvious that this show was axed ages ago. They may have tried to deny it but that doesn’t change the facts. I watched the pilot of this show last year and it was horrid, no likable characters and very tedious storylines. At least viewers will get closure when they find out who killed the main dude’s father in the final episode.

  5. i highly doubt 7 will continue with season 2, even at 11:30. if its not going to get a proper ending the further they get into the storyline the more dissapionted fans will be at the end.

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